Weekly Run Down for 2.22.21-2.28.21 – Warm Up and End of the Quarantine

So a warm up here means that it hit 40 degrees. LOL

Tuesday was my “immune birthday” (14 days past my 2nd vaccine). And Friday, my 10 day quarantine ended!!

Winter continues as the ground hog promised.  However, I still managed to get in daily walks and all my runs OUTSIDE!!

Last Week:

  • Monday – A very windy grey day.  With possible snow and sleet predicted later today and Tuesday, I debated running during lunch but with 25mph winds and blowing snow, NOPE.  The bike it was.

I planned to go out for a walk after work but it was still windy and snowing even harder.

the result of staying indoors – one sock finished (Champ is the photobomber)

  • Tuesday – Still cold and grey but the wind was not as bad as Monday and it was WARMER so I was able to squeeze in a run during lunch.

I chose a main road for a change…not exciting but a wide shoulder and some deer in view. Started to snow again lightly just as I finished.

Hooray! At 1:30 pm, I was 14 days post vaccine #2. Mentally, it felt so good!

  • Wednesday – Another busy work day so I was only able to run after work.  I drove to UAlbany for my usual boring loop. And it was over 40 degrees.  Woo Hoo! Capris time!

  • Thursday – I hate to run three days in a row so I was going to ride my bike instead during lunch. But the sun was out (which is rare around here) so I went for a walk at a local park (even though it was quite windy and back down to the 30s.)
  • Friday – Bored with my neighborhood runs, I decided to take a drive and run elsewhere during lunch. I hit one of the neighborhood roads in town parallel to the rail trail, And it was sunny. Win. Win.

people in my town paint rocks and hide them. If you find one (which I did today), you have to post on FB and then hide it.

And at 10:48 am, my QUARANTINE ended!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!

  • Saturday – Finally a LONG RUN with friends. Nope. Rain and snow in the forecast postponed it.  Instead I was happily able to do a ZOOM bike ride with my blogger buds.

so fun chatting with everyone including those across the ocean.

The hubby and I decided to celebrate our vaccine status with dining indoors – first in more than a year!!

  • Sunday – Rescheduled LONG run.  Back at The Crossings (where we will be until the snow melts). I was thrilled to be joined by friends. I ran ALL 10 miles with one person or another. I felt like I was dragging the caboose but my feet hurt less than usual so life is good.

Rain was predicted for later but I waited and there was only a quick drizzle. So off I drove for another hike and waterfalls viewing at Christmas Preserve.

It was icy so definitely needed my spikes but so pretty and peaceful.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  run, walk
  • Tuesday – rest day, bike, hair appt, Sole Sisters ZOOM
  • Wednesday – run, walk with friends
  • Thursday – run, walk with friends
  • Friday – rest day, bike, walk
  • Saturday –  LONG RUN
  • Sunday – rest day, bike, walk/hike

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Doing any virtual races? Any in-person races planned? Are you getting outside in spite of the winter weather blues? Please share.

36 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 2.22.21-2.28.21 – Warm Up and End of the Quarantine

  1. I hit 2 weeks post-2nd vaccine on Thursday! It was a good feeling and I “celebrated” by getting my first haircut in almost 2 years on Friday. I’m probably not doing anything else differently though, since my son can’t get the vaccine and my mom isn’t eligible yet (she is at our house a few times a week watching him). I was happy to get outside more this week. Hopefully spring will be here soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay. For hair care. I have an appt Tuesday. I still mask because my friends haven’t gotten it yet.

      Yes. Looking forward to warm weather and all the snow gone.


  2. I’m curious, what size knitting needles do you use for the socks? You knit them in-the-round, I assume? I’ve done many sweaters, scarves, wrist warmers…but never attempted socks or mittens. Somehow, we avoided all forms of precip last week….no complaints! Great to see you yesterday 😉


  3. Yay for warmer temps makes a huge difference this time of the year! It must feel amazing to have had both of your doses in! Signs of normalcy coming. We dont’ really have any in person races here yet. I am think maybe Memorial Day but who knows!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I didn’t realize you had to do a full 10 day quarantine after receiving the vaccine! Hopefully now that you’ve had #2, you won’t have to do that at all. Hoping the sun comes your way–it’s coming out here as we speak.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yay! It must feel amazing to be vaccinated. You can finally relax. I can’t even remember what dining indoors is like- that sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.
    Sounds like you had a great week of running! And biking and walking. Hope you get some sunny days this week!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. LOL on marking your quarantine time to the minute! I’m not sure the virus works that way, but you’re vaccinated away. I can’t wait to celebrate by going out to eat again! Nice going on the 10 miler! It was great riding with you!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Yay for being fully vaccinated! I hope I’m able to say the same thing in May 🙂

    We had warmer weather this weekend but it rained both days so I didn’t run outside. I guess I can’t complain since the rain washed away most of the leftover snow.


    • I hope you are vaccinated soon too.

      It rained yesterday but not until this afternoon so I did get to run this morning.

      No unfortunately we still have snow…the ugly kind.


  8. Hooray for getting past those quarantine periods. Do you have peace of mind now that you’re vaccinated? I suspect it’ll still be a few months before I am eligible. In FL as you know, the challenge is to get the run done before it gets too hot! Ha!


  9. Yay on feet hurting less than normal and MAJOR YAY on being two weeks post second vaccine.
    I’m going to (hopefully) do the four day one again this week, but it’s all such a moving target. Mom isn’t sure what her regulations will be now that she’s also vaccinated.


  10. Yay for the end of quarantine!

    What a great week! I love that you got to have an indoor dinner (I still don’t like being inside anywhere but my own house), and that your temps are warming up. Champ is such a cutie.


    • I hadn’t eaten inside until both of us got both vaccines. I feel save now. It’s safer than when I was on a plane lol

      Yes, glad to be able to see my friends again.

      nope cold weather is heading back here but I hope it won’t stay long.


    • Love to hear about great weather. Still ugly here. Cold temps back this week.

      Spring is a long time coming. Until then at least I can still drag myself outside.

      Liked by 1 person

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