Five Runfessions for February ’21

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

When I went to Florida this month, I was more worried about a negative reaction from my second COVID vaccine than catching COVID.

Phew! Felt totally normal!

Are you worried about a negative reaction to the COVID vaccine?

2. I runfess…

In spite of all the warnings that Florida was the worst place to visit during the Pandemic, I felt safe and enjoyed my visit.

Masks were required in all places that I visited.

Have you gone on any vacations during the Pandemic?

3. I runfess…

Even with sore feet and climate acclimation difficulties, I enjoyed running these 13.1 miles more than my local one in November.

my post-race Atlantic dip may have been a factor…

How do you feel about race-cations? Are those races more fun than your local ones?

4. I runfess…

I did wear my Garmin for the first time in exactly a year.  I used it to see what mile I was on. The pace was so depressing that I deleted all the stats.  I think I definitely enjoy racing without a watch.  If all that matters is completing the distance, why bother?  This is the new me because I used to post all my split times and over-analyze the race and how I could improve on the next one.

Mar 2019 – checking my watch before even crossing the finish line?

Anyone else just care about getting to the finish line? Or do your splits really matter to you? Do  you post them in your race recap?

5. I runfess…

Our local running club has offered a new in-person race in March.

No surprise – I signed up. I’m a sucker for races.

Anyone else sign up for any in-person races for 2021? Do you like to run new races or do you prefer ones that you’ve done before?

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Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.

30 thoughts on “Five Runfessions for February ’21

  1. I already did one in-person race this year and I signed up for another one on March 13. Both of them are tiny trail races. For the first one, we had to wear masks the entire time. For the second, we just have to wear them before and after the race. I felt safe. Good luck with your 5-miler!

    We did travel out to Colorado to see your grandson last summer. We are supposed to go out again this spring. We would drive again. I am not ready to fly. But the trip really depends on whether we get the vaccine and how the pandemic is going. It’s not certain yet.

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    • Wearing a mask the whole race would be tough.

      I was ok flying but t hen again, I had gotten both of my shots.

      Good luck on your race. It should be fun. Hopefully the snow will be gone and not too much mud.


  2. Well, I love ALL races, new and old ones (I know, #shocker). We’re headed to Florida in a few weeks, and I’m more paranoid about the airport/plane(s) than actually being in the sunshine state. This is my first trip anywhere where I have not looked for any races to do while there (who am I?). I wear my Garmin for races, but I mainly use it gauge the mile marks and see my “running time.” I have ZERO interest in analyzing the splits (until afterwards, if at all).

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    • Yes. I agree. The airport and plane were worrisome. I wore two masks. Otherwise I was fine. Enjoy. You will love it. I never seem to go anywhere without a race. Lol


  3. I’d really love to run an in-person race but so far this year all of mine have been postponed. I’m glad you got the chance! I always run with my watch and these days it’s definitely just to track the mileage (and my shoe mileage). I do compare for speed work, just to see if I’m hitting my targets but I never post them.


  4. I’m not really jonesing for in person races, so I’ll continue to sit on the sidelines (and continue to run). My mom should get her second vaccine tomorrow, so that’s a big relief.

    I would like to go on a vacation. Any vacation. It’s been far too long & a very stressful time in my life, but I still don’t anticipate one until the Fall most likely. Although maybe if I ever get vaccinated we’ll do a short weekend somewhere sooner.

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    • Unfortunately the vaccine doesn’t protect you from getting it (just not getting real sick) or passing it on but it does make you feel like you can do more things (although I did things safely before the vaccine.) MY MIL doesn’t want the vaccine which is annoying so we won’t see her.

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  5. Glad you fared well after the vaccine and on your trip. I used to obsess over splits. Now I turn my watch on at the start and stop at the end. I’m not likely to break any PRs so I just run by feel and enjoy the run! It’s so liberating!


  6. I’m also worried about the side effects from the second shot when I’m able to get it. i hope that ti won’t be too bad.
    Our annual local Shamrock Stroll 5K is going virtual again this year. I hope that it will be in person next year.

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    • I was so happy that I had ZERO reaction to the shot.

      Too bad about that race. Most of our local races have been canceled, postponed or gone virtual. Hope this ends by fall so wqe can race again.


  7. Love my Florida friends but still think you snowbirds are so brave to go down there. I don’t know if I could even face going there ever again. And Arizona is next on my list of stay-away-froms. I hope I get over that at some stage!!

    I did go to Palermo in September last year; at the time the numbers were lower, and especially in Sicilly it was way way better than on the mainland. But now I look at is as how could I go there? How is it different than Florida? I guess at the time I just couldn’t bear another awful birthday.

    I always love foreign races more than local. I mean I have some favourite locals but when I think about my most loved ones, they are in other countries!

    I would love to do a real race but I think it may not be in the cards for me. I don’t know if I could do it watchless though!!

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    • Watchless is very liberating.

      I needed to get away from the snow and gray skies. I didn’t feel any danger at all. I and my friends had gotten both shots and we stayed away from places where people didn’t wear masks.

      Races in another country is even better. I hope at some point in the future to get back to Europe.


  8. Good to hear you didn’t feel any side effects from your second dose!

    I’m glad you felt safe in Florida. While I’m itching to travel, I’m still not ready to get on a plane. Maybe I’ll feel differently once I get vaccinated, but given the way things are progressing in MA that could be a while!

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    • Oh I hope you do get your vaccine. Mentally it certainly makes you feel safer. The plane was the worst part but I was fine & wore two masks.


  9. I wasn’t too worried about the vaccine and side effects. I didn’t have any after the first dose and there wasn’t really a reason for me to worry about the 2d. I’m so ready to travel!!!!

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    • I bet you are. So many people needlessly warned me about the reaction. And I was traveling and running a race. Otherwise I wouldn’t care.


  10. I’m so glad you felt safe here. I think Florida has done well in spite of its protocols, rather than because of. We have a lot of open space, a lot of salt air, and a lot of outdoor options. That changes things.

    Living here, I have signed up for a few in person races, and will continue to do so as they feel safe. Most of the big big events have scaled down or gone virtual, but they will be back.

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  11. I am getting my second vaccine on Tuesday and honestly I am worried about it. More people that I know have had a bad reaction to it. I’d rather have that than my mother. Fun about the race next month. I care but also don’t care too much about my splits. I care more when I am doing a speed workout and have a specific pace to target. And yes I will post it on my blog but that’s it. No one else cares. 🙂

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  12. Oh we should be worried about Covid in Florida? Yeah I’m kind of not. We mostly stay in our own house and our own pool and knock wood, 30 days later were all feeling fine. So glad you enjoyed your race despite the heat. I haven’t cared about splits in a very long time. I like to wear my Garmin just for it to say I’m being productive. Ha!

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  13. I’ve never felt unsafe in Florida either. The only time I was really concerned was the 1st and that was because I was worried ab out mom & Bob and my accidentally sharing it with them even though I’d twice tested negative.
    I love running data but do not give a flying fuck about race times. I’m weird. I know.


    • I no longer care about race times. I’m over that lol.

      Happy that Bob and your mom got their vaccines so you can feel safer when you see them.


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