TT: What Did I Think About on my Last Run?

The Tuesday Topic this week is: What Did You Think About on Your Last Run

Usually I listen to a Podcast, Music or Peleton because I do NOT want to think.  LOL

Unfortunately my thoughts don’t always seem to be positive ones!!

Here’s how it went down during my recent run:

  • Work. My last training, My next training. A New training that I have to learn. (BTW: I teach online.) Stress.
  • Pandemic.  When will my friends got their vaccines? When will I be able to eat in a restaurant, go to a movie or have fun? Despair.
  • Running. Why do I have to walk so often? Why do I want to quit after one mile? Why does it feel hard? Is it like this for other runners? What is my pace, like14 m/m? Frustration.

And during the last 1/4 mile:

  • Work. Glad to be working from home. I can work wearing my running clothes and be out the door in minutes.  Relief.
  • Pandemic.  Being outside is the best thing right now.  I am so lucky that I get to do this. Gratitude.
  • Running. I did it. I didn’t quit. I didn’t die. Many others probably stayed inside.  Pride.

I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner) and you should too.

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Happy Running! What did you think about on your last run? Please share.


35 thoughts on “TT: What Did I Think About on my Last Run?

  1. I experience the same phenomena – my thoughts get more positive as I go along! Towards the end of the run, I am completely happy and content.
    Does your husband know that his best window of opportunity to ask you for a favour is after your run? 😉

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    • Ha ha. I’ll have to tell him. He knows that I NEED to run and often scheduled things around me. H4e just assumes that Sat am I am running. He’ll just ask where.

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    • Running is hard!! And I agree. I try to be positive but sometimes I just want to be finished, But I’ve never regretted that I ran.


  2. I love how you were able to turn the negative thoughts into positive thoughts by the end of the run. And trust me, you’re not alone about your running thought – I have similar thoughts while running, especially about why it feels so much harder than it used too.


    • I know. I keep thinking that I will cruise through a run and smile…nope, never happens.

      Luckily I have a short memory and do it all again lol


  3. I sometimes have work on my mind, especially if I’m running at the end of the day. Most of the time, though, my thoughts are very random and sporadic.


  4. Ha ha, I like how your thoughts turned around as you went on! That’s why we run, right? I also listen to podcasts a lot on my runs, and sometimes music. It’s nice not to think sometimes!

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    • Yes. I often wish I could turn off my brain. Podcasts and music help.

      And no matter how bad the run is, I’m glad I got out there.


  5. I definitely think about how hard the run feels in the first mile or so. It gets better from there though. Mostly I just enjoy nature and the fact that I don’t have to cover any specific distance.

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  6. So many different thoughts and emotions on a run. I end my run on a positive note because I am happy about it (either because if it didn’t go well and am done with it or went better than expected). At the end of it though, I am grateful for another day to live and to run.

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