TT: Hiking 2020

Our 3 Favorite Walking Paths in Houston | Houstonia Magazine

Once the Pandemic hit in March, I knew that running 30 or more races including one half marathon each month would not likely happen.

I planned to continue to run hoping that the Pandemic would end but just in case, I knew that I needed an additional goal to stay active. Since I was working from home with no travel plans, I would have extra time.

In April, I decided that in addition to running, I would visit 25 trails in my area.

Before 2020, I had NO idea how many nearby opportunities there were for hiking.

I wound up enjoying my trail walks, both solo and with friends, even more than my runs.

So I made the effort to visit as many trails each week as I had time for. Both after work and on weekends.

By June, I changed my goal to 50 trails and to also re-visit the ones I liked in different seasons.

I won’t bombard you with the zillion photos I have (If you follow me on IG – dsc59  you’ve seen them all), just a few!

So here’s a list of the trails that I have visited:

  • Mohawk Hudson Conservancy-
  • Nature Conservancy –
  • while on vacation:
    • Marginal Way (ME)
    • Wells Reserve at Laudholm (ME)



That doesn’t count the times that I have re-visited many of the places.  Unfortunately, a snowstorm arrived on Dec 17 and my hiking adventures ended pre-maturely.

But don’t worry. I have discovered a new love. And there are many more places that I have not hiked yet.

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

I’m also linking up here:

with co-hosts Coach Debbie RunsConfessions of a Mother RunnerMile by MileRuns with Pugs, and Laura Norris Running.

Happy Running! Any non-running goals or accomplishments in 2020? Please share.

36 thoughts on “TT: Hiking 2020

  1. Now I regret that I don’t live in your neighbourhood, Darlene.
    I’d have a complete list with all the links to all the beautiful trails I’d explore.

    Well done on reaching and exceeding your 2020 goal! It just shows that the pandemic had some bright sides to it, too.

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  2. This is so cool! I have committed to hiking one trail a week (it’s what I can reasonably handle right now – most of our trails are about an hour away), and so far, it’s been great. Not all of them are super “trail”-y, but being out in nature and exploring new sights is a much needed diversion. And it’s healthy!


    • Now with less daylight I only get to one a week. And with ice and snow, I’m afraid of falling so only easy ones.

      It’s so important to get outside as much as possible.


    • I wrote this post awhile ago. I didn’t think I would continue in the ice and snow. And I’m just doing the easy ones.

      I go mostly by myself. Much easier that way. It’s hard to fit my schedule with my friends. The husband would hamper me for sure. Though not everyone is comfortable by themselves. The harder ones I had company. But the more I go I’m getting less fearful of getting lost or falling lol.

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  3. What a great place to live with so many awesome hikes nearby! This is a great resource post for others in your community. Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures!

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  4. This is fantastic, Darlene! I wish I had more options for hiking without a 30-minute drive (at the minimum) to get there. Walking/hiking is such a great form of exercise. Honestly, I didn’t fully respect it as much as I should have until after my knee surgery (2017), and walking was my main go-to until I was cleared for running.

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  5. Well, you certainly have access to a lot of trails!

    I haven’t set any goals like that at all. I really enjoyed (and still do) exploring the local trails both here and up at the lake; it’s nice to get familiar with them and experience them through the changing seasons. I do hope to explore more of the Ice Age Trail segments this year. We shall see.

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    • that’s what happens when you are stuck on the computer ALL day. I did not hike them all, there are quite a few more to hit next year. At least one good thing to come out of this pandemic.


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