Weekly Run Down for 1.4.21-1.10.21: A New Year but More of the Same

Yes, it’s 2021 and a new year. But not much is new yet.

I will be more hopeful when the COVID cases stop increasing everyday and I get the vaccine.

Until then, the weather has not been my friend either (although it only snowed at the beginning of the week, it has been COLD.)

Happy to note that I will be riding George when I do not run and no matter what, I will walk everyday (and wear Yak Trax to do a little hiking).

Last Week –

  • Monday – I woke up to more snow than they predicted.

No stress when you are working from home…

Happy that it was a rest day and that I had George to keep me occupied. I’m working on getting some cycling legs. It still feels hard at low resistance. lol

chose the 30 min Elvis ride (the trainer was the same as for my Beatles run)

It’s hard after work to get in a long walk since it is gets dark so early still.  I took a chance on being able to hike a bit (with my yaks) at the Pine Hollow Arborteum.

It was pretty but a lot of snow – perfect for snowshoeing or Xcountry skiing lol

  • Tuesday –  .Snow really puts a kink in my routine.  You never know for sure where roads and paths would be clear.  I decided to run in the roads during lunch. It was fine but boring – no pretty flowers, fall foliage or holiday decorations to photograph. So my goal was to seek out snowmen…

and I found 3…also did a 30 min Peleton Hamilton run. I felt the same as with the Beatles. I just wanted to listen to the songs and sing along. Obviously others must enjoy all that chatter lol

Still making sure that I walk everyday.  With working, it’s easier for me to get out after work.  Today, I headed back to Five Rivers for a short walk before total darkness.

so peaceful and quiet

  • Wednesday – I had more time today so I walked BEFORE work. I just went through my yard onto the water line.  Such a great way to start the work day (even if the sky was gloomy and no pretty sunrise.)

no one here but me…so nice but no way to run on it with all the ice and ruts.

And I drove into town to do my run at lunch. I had briefly thought about a bike ride but no rain or snow so I gave it a shot. I scouted out the rail trail but nope, still too icy so I ran on the nearby neighborhood roads.

It was a Red day! (Sorry this was before the chaos broke loose in DC. I should have worn blue.) Lots of Christmas trees on the curbs. I ran my favorite Peleton run so far – 30 min of Madonna. Maybe because I’m a big Madonna fan and I also like the trainer, Matty. Not as much chatter and I enjoyed running intervals for the choruses of the songs. I also heard a new song – I Love NY!!! ❤

  • Thursday – Hooray for sunshine but boo for 20 degrees. I decided against that early morning walk.  But again, I drove at lunch to a location to do my run.  I parked in a different spot than the day before. The rail trail still was too icy in spots so I ran on the sidewalks and on the roads.  I again used the Peleton app for part of the run.  For some reason, it doesn’t show the distance on the watch while I’m running so I ended up with 4 miles rather than the planned 3. It may have been sunny but the wind made it feel awfully chilly.

like my selfie? Told you it was sunny. Today the Peleton run was to 60s music.

My after work (social distanced, masked) walks with friends resumed but today instead of on our usual Friday schedule. I hadn’t seen them in a few weeks so it was great to catch up. We decided to change to Thursday walks and maybe even add in another day.

  • Friday – After three days of running, today was declared a rest day and it was my busiest work day too. That gave me barely time for a 30 min bike ride during lunch (no Peleton, had to do work while I pedaled).

After work, I headed to the mall for a long wall without worrying about the dark.

  • SaturdayLong Run Saturday was back. The weather cooperated but still returned to The Crossings because I felt comfortable that I could avoid the ice by running there. I was able to run most of the miles with Sherry and Chris (Deb walked).  We wore our gaiters and kept apart so I felt totally safe.  Too cold to eat outside after our runs so the group brunch will have to wait until spring.

this may have been the coldest temps so far (teens) but once you got going (and chatting), it was fine.. the only thing that was cold were my thighs (need to wear lined tights next time).

  • Sunday – I started the day with 30 minutes on the bike sweating with Miley and Jess.

I really liked Jess and one thing that she said that I remember was: “Hurt doesn’t mean hard but it does mean growth.” 🙂

and then I wanted to get outdoors for a long walk or hike. So I dressed warm, grabbed my poles, Yak Trax and headed to Huyck Preserve. It was such a beautiful day.  The sun was shining brightly and the path was plowed. I didn’t even need my poles or Yaks. And the waterfalls were breathtaking.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  run, walk
  • Tuesday – rest day, walk, bike, hair appt, walk with BFF
  • Wednesday –  run, walk
  • Thursday – run, walk with friends
  • Friday – rest day, bike, walk
  • Saturday –  LONG RUN, wedding anniversary (22 years)
  • Sunday – rest day, bike, walk/hike

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32 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 1.4.21-1.10.21: A New Year but More of the Same

  1. I have to beg to differ–this week was very different. Off the road, at least. What a week. Thank goodness for running and trails!

    How great that you all are restarting the Friday Five. It was one of my favorite linkups back in the day…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We rarely get enough snow to build a snowman — and they are predicting even less snow than usual for us this year. Your route looks treacherous! I enjoyed the Elvis ride. I don’t think I’ve taken any Jess King rides. I am hooked on CDE right now.

    Looking forward to the new linkup!


    • Some years we get a lot of snow and others not at all.

      I hope we get less snow than normal this year too.

      Now when I was a teacher and not a runner, I prayed for snow. lol


  3. Best of luck with the new link-up. I still can’t bring myself to blog about running as things are stressful here and I just feel I can’t cope with comments or putting myself out there as a runner (there’s lots of running hating going on). But I do enjoy everyone’s blogs!

    So much ice and cold for you – goodness me! Well done for keeping going.


  4. Looks like you stayed busy on the daily 😉 I’m jealous of your weekend sunshine. I think we had only a tiny window of it late Monday afternoon. Our temps were cold, but at least the wind wasn’t too terrible. I’m excited for the Fit Five!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I am tired of the cold but luckily we only had snow once so far this season and it wasn’t too bad. I don’t mind running on the treadmill once in awhile as needed. I’m excited to join in the new Friday link up!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I always remind Mr. Judy if Bandit can walk, we can walk. Bandit didn’t miss a day last week, although I missed a couple. Luckily we can wait to the afternoon, when we’re usually out of the teens. And sometimes there’s even sun . . .


  7. Cycling is definitely unique for me in that one day my legs will feel great and I’m really giving it my all in class and then the next time I cycle I will fell like it’s my first time on the bike. I just learn to take whatever my legs give me that day, lol.

    Looking forward to the new Friday linkup!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m with you. New year but more of the same. We were supposed to come out of lockdown (possibly) next week but rumour has it another 3 weeks is to be added. I’m so tired of it all. I mean obviously we just carry on right? I won’t get the vaccine until sometime between April and September… because I’m not old-old, and I’m healthy. I just want to see my parents at this stage. Dad’s finally gotten better from his 2nd time having prostate cancer and mom’s been suffering quite a bit since her sister died in August. Not going home unitl I get vaccinated though.

    Excited for our new Friday link up!! And I need to name my spin bike apparently 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know. It is frustrating. I feel like life is on hold until we get our shots.

      I thought a name for my bike not a spin one though would be motivating.


  9. How fun to find so many snowmen! Overall we’ve been lucky with not-to-cold temps and not-too-much snow. This morning felt COLD though with the wind. Glad I’m not training for a spring marathon.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I loved seeing your waterfall video on Instagram – so pretty!

    I’m not signed up for any upcoming races, but I did a virtual 5K on NYD. We had snow in mid-December, but haven’t had any since and there’s none in the ten day forecast. We’re hoping to go for a hike this weekend since we’ll have Pablo and can take him with us (and couldn’t if we biked).

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I like that idea of finding snowmen. Next time it snows I will do that. I know all of the talking can get annoying. There are some instructors that talk more than others. I remember at first I would get annoyed, then I got used to it, and then got annoyed again. Ha, I think it also depended on my mood.

    Liked by 1 person

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