Weekly Run Down for 12.28.20-1.3.21: Happy New Year!!

Loving these four day work weeks.

This is the last one for a few weeks. No need to take a day off for hiking in the winter so I will wait until I can go on a vacation (or am going insane lol)

2021 has arrived. Hope it is a better year for everyone than 2020.

Last Week –

  • Monday – Rest day.  I did get out for a lunch walk on the water line (nothing interesting to photograph but the snow had at least melted).
  • Tuesday –  A cold day but the wind made it feel even colder.  I decided to run at lunch since at least the sun was out. I hate to run in my neighborhood unless I am pressed for time.  So I drove to the rail trail to see if I was able to run without slipping on ice.  It was ok at the beginning but then I ran into ice so I continued onto the road parallel to the trail.

my face, hands and feet were freezing…wind makes a huge difference. loved finding a HNY rock

  • Wednesday – Another cold windy day (not as sunny as yesterday but not as cold). Again I decided to avoid darkness and run during lunch. I drove to the trail trail but parked in a different location to see if it was less icy. It was but still not all clear.

still figuring out this clothing thing – cold into the wind but too warm with the wind at my back. Remembered my buff so at least my face didn’t freeze.

After work, I met my BFF for our walk around the outdoor mall.

  • Thursday – Another rest day on the schedule.  But I did go for a lunch walk.  I had thought briefly (very briefly) about going for my last run of the year but I had already passed my yearly goal.  So my mileage total stands at 1017 miles for 2020!!

Hard to believe it was New Year’s Eve.  Obviously not going out to celebrate or going to a party. We debated about what to do but since we didn’t see our sons and daughter-in-law for Thanksgiving or Christmas, we decided on a low key take out evening and gift exchange at my son’s house. It was so nice to be around family (get out of spandex and into dress up clothes lol).

  • Friday – DAY OFF for New Year’s Day. And my first run of 2021. Technically it was a virtual blogger run and a virtual 5k (NYRR Resolution Run). It’s always nice to have a real reason to run and to have the day off so you can run whenever the weather is at its best. So happy that there was no wind. In hindsight, I should have probably run 10 miles since a storm was predicted to be on the way. But I like my weekend long runs to be on the weekend and I don’t enjoy running them alone.

found another rock and a dry path 

and jumped with all the other bloggers – such a great bunch of ladies. I feel fortunate to have their virtual support.

  • Saturday – Saturday weather lately has not cooperated for my long run. No problem. No races scheduled. I can easily run on Sundays.  So last night there was a few inches of snow and then it rained on and off most of the day… fingered crossed for clear roads for Sunday.

This weather has made re-think my lack of cross-training and with possible limited outdoor running locations, So I added a new member to my family:

I’m going to call him “George.” I have it set up in a spare bedroom (decorated with a Lake George theme) opposite a TV (so I can watch Netfix) and it also connects to my ipad and iphone for podcast listening.

Now that I have a bike, I enrolled in a free two month trial of Peleton and did a 30 min 90s bike ride.  Holy Moley! I was dripping in sweat.

Even though it was a rest day, I needed some fresh air so I decided to check out Five Rivers.  It was slushy, muddy and icy but so peaceful at dusk.

  • Sunday – Rescheduled Long Run. The roads and paths were iffy. Slushy at best so I decided to return to the Crossings (again) and run on the neighborhoods roads near the park. Unfortunately I was solo today.  But surprisingly, all the paths were clear. I did a few loops and then the last few miles on the roads.

It was harder and slower than running with my friends but I was able to sing along with the Beatles on a Peleton run

After a bagel, chocolate milk and a soak in the hot tub, I was energized to take a hike before the next storm arrived.  I decided to wear my Yak Trax for the first time hiking. I was nervous But No slipping and sliding.  I may hit the trails more this winter (to walk not run.)

It started to snow pretty hard so my hike got cut short. This was at HollyHock Hollow.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  rest day, walk, bike
  • Tuesday – run, walk
  • Wednesday –  rest day, walk, bike
  • Thursday – run, walk
  • Friday – rest day, walk, bike
  • Saturday –  LONG RUN, walk
  • Sunday – rest day, walk/hike

I am linking up with Kim and Deborah for

I encourage you to do the same. Grab the graphic, drop your link on the host blogs and play along! Please be sure to always comment on the HOST’s blogs, as well as visit and comment on as many other blogs as you can.

Happy Running! How is your running going? Have the winter temps or snow hit? How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020? Do you hike in the winter?  What do you wear on your feet? Please share.

45 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 12.28.20-1.3.21: Happy New Year!!

    • I’ve only done one ride. Not sure if I will pay for Peleton because once it is nice out, I will be outside. Once the pandemic is over, I’ll be back travelling for work. It’s perfect for now.


  1. You’re lucky you had a bagel. We were not able to obtain them recently, despite trying several times. Short of actually going to the store, which I just didn’t feel like doing). But we did have lox & cream cheese.


    • We don’t typically order our food. So far I haven’t had a problem getting bagels luckily. I eat one everyday. But not with lox & cream cheese. I like them that way but easier plain (grab & go.)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome to George!! I hope you become really good friends 😉 I have been experimenting with the resistance setting to add “hills” to my rides. Heck, I have hills in real life outside, I might as well keep them in the routine while cycling “inside.”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Woohoo on adding George to your life! You could have joined our Zoom bike ride! I hope you enjoy the Peloton app as much as I do. At $12.99/month it’s a bargain for all the time I spend with it. 😉 I think we have a 3 day week in January, with MLK Day and the Inauguration — and it will be a NEW President, LOL.

    Glad you got to see your family for New Year’s. We had my mom over NYD but I still wore leggings. 😉


    • Perfect timing with the bike. It was a spur of moment purchase (used on FB Market Place). I’ll ZOOM on the next one.

      Once spring comes I doubt I will want to pay for the app since I will be outdoors most of the time (and don’t have unlimited data). We’ll see how much I enjoy the bike.


    • I’ve only done one cycling and one run.

      I liked them. Not sure I will want to pay esp when spring comes. Also once the pandemic is over, I will be traveling for work.

      Anyway, it works for now.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice miles for 2020 and congrats on the new addition! I’ve been loving my bike so far but I have yet to download the Peloton app. So far I’ve found plenty of fun workouts over on YouTube.


    • It’s my first entry into cycling but it’s perfect for winter/pandemic.

      I’m using the 2 month trial version.

      I doubt I will pay for it because as you said, there are so many free videos, podcasts, TV shows, etc.


  5. Great miles for the year!

    The YakTrax are really cool. I’ve never had to use them, and I can imagine how they might be a little awkward at first.

    I love all your hikes, and I hope that you are able to continue despite the winter snow and ice. I hope 2021 is a good year.


    • I am trying to at least do the easy hikes. Actually the Yak Trax on snow and ice feel fine. I think they feel funny when I run with them. I have in the past but now ice is my mortal enemy.


  6. A good strong week! I have yaktrax but we keep getting super thin sheets of ice which they’re no good for. I also have the Peleton app downloaded and ready to go – I have a crosstrainer and a recumbent bike but need to dust them off!

    Liked by 1 person

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