Looking Ahead

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My Topic this week is: Looking Ahead to 2020

I’m not into goals but last January, I posted about my plans for 2019 and last week, I reflected on them.

I didn’t do so well but that did not discourage me from setting in motion some plans for the coming year.

(Warning: I wrote this post before my sore foot woes and I decided not to delete it cuz you never know…)

1. Run 1000 miles.

It’s a number that I strive to meet each year. I may or may not reach it but I should come close if I have been running consistently all year and I have not gotten injured.

See the source image

2. Add another physical activity to my life besides running.

I’d prefer it to be tennis but that will probably not happen until I retire or get a different job.

So I’d like to take a yoga class now and then, go for lunchtime walks or even hit the gym. 

this instructor is my favorite – she has monthly 2 hour sessions on different parts of the body – geared toward runners

3. Participate often in local running group runs.

This was an unexpected activity from last year.  I ran in many of the ARE summer trail runs. I started late because I hesitated on joining this group. I plan go to ALL of them this year even if my friends are not going.

Huyck Preserve

I also started attending some other group runs such as SOAR and Ice Cream Runs.  If they are scheduled again, I plan to participate.

4. Set a PR or Course PR at any distance.

Realistically I think PRs may be out of reach as I age or my foot continues to be a problem.. But since I often run the same races, possibly I can improve at one race.

maybe at Race to the Lakes 15k?

And first time races or distances do not count lol.

5. And finally…. Run a Half Marathon 15K or Half Marathon Every Month.

Yes, you heard that right. Twelve Distance races in Twelve Months.

(Ok maybe I jinxed myself when I came up with the Half Marathon goal in November – right afterward, my foot started to hurt… so I edited the goal to include 15ks as well)

So it may not happen but it will be fun trying (virtual ones count.)

  • January – Fred LeBow Half Marathion in NYC or Winter Series #4 15k
  • February – ZOOMA Bermuda Half Marathon 
  • March  – NYC Half Marathon 
  • April – Helderberg 2 Hudson Half Marathon
  • May  – Sacandaga or Steel Rail Half Marathon
  • June – Race to the Lakes 15k
  • July – Boilermaker 15k?
  • August – a virtual 15k
  • September – Adirondack or Palio Half Marathon
  • October – Finger Lakes or Smuttynose Half Marathon
  • November – Stockadeathon 15K
  • December – Ted Corbitt 15K or Palm Beach Half Marathon?

Feel free to recommend some…

Happy Running!  Any goals or plans for 2020? When you get injured, do you re-write your goals? Please share.

16 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

    • Well. Not healthy now. So I laugh at what I thought I could do this year. Pretty sure 1 and 5 will never happen. But that’s ok. I’m not actually a goal oriented person.


  1. My goals are very different, but that’s what makes the world go round — we all have different goals. I’ll be happy if I get to the one half I’m signed up for, and have no desire to be training hard the whole year.

    Good luck with your goals.

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  2. Running in Bermuda sounds fabulous! The NYC half was my favorite. I hope you enjoy it too!
    The times I was injured, I did not re-write my race plans because my race registrations and accommodations were already paid for so i made myself run anyway. Perhaps not the smartest decision. If they were local races I probably would have DNS. Thanks for linking up! -M

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  3. Do you really have that many 15K’s to choose from? Lucky gal!!! They are very few and even farther between in my area. The few that I occasionally see are combined 5K’s and 10’s…which are fun, but I’d like to do a complete 15K race course someday. Good luck with your foot’s healing!

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  4. I hear you on no longer being able to set PR’s as we get older. I think course PR’s on repeat courses should count though! Here’s hoping your foot heals quickly and lets you get after those great goals for 2020!


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