Runfessions for November ’19

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

I bought finisher items before I actually ran the marathon.

Of course, I did worry afterward that I would jinx it and not finish.

Image result for new balance nyc marathon finisher gear"Image result for new balance nyc marathon finisher gear"

Well, at least I waited until after the race to wear them. Thank God I did finish!!

Anyone else buy finisher gear before they actually finish the race?

2. I runfess…

I agreed to share my room during Marathon weekend with someone before I even met them.

I was again worried since I am such a light sleeper and the NYC hotel rooms are tiny.

Yup, Lacey was my roommate and it all worked out fine (At least I think she liked me.)

Anyone else agree to share a hotel room with someone that they had never met before?

3.I runfess…

I wore a skirt for the first time for my marathon.

Yes, 26.2 miles in something I’ve never run in before. I only wore it because it had many pockets (for my fuel) and I even had to shorten it because it was too long.

It was given to me by Cari because it is a weird size and fit. Skirt Sports no longer sells it (probably a good reason for that…) High Five skirt, I think it was called.

I don’t usually chafe but what if I did? and what if it was uncomfortable?..a marathon takes a long time to run.

Thankfully, the skirt was ok.  It definitely was not my most comfortable or best looking skirt but the pockets served their purpose.

Anyone else wear a new item for the first time during a big race?

4. I runfess…

I was relieved that my hubby could not go watch me at the marathon.

It would be much too stressful to worry about the race and worry about him too. He does not know NYC.  I couldn’t imagine him waiting for hours in the crowd to see me pass by.

I am grateful that I did spot some familiar faces in the crowds.

Anyone else prefer to travel to race-cations without their significant other?

5.I runfess…

In addition to my first full marathon, I also ran a 10k, 15k and 5k during the month.

Why not cover all the distances?

And racing should be for fun not PRs.

And these races were fun (and not PRs lol)

having fun at the Stockade-athon 15K

after the 10k and before the 5k where I would get another medal

Anyone else race-obsessed? Do you race for fun or time?

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Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


19 thoughts on “Runfessions for November ’19

  1. As I said, you race a lot more than I do. All those $$ add up quickly, and I like to give my body some recovery time — especially if I’d tackled a marathon!

    Nope, if I were running a marathon, I would never have worn a completely different style skirt. I have that skirt, and the pockets are nice (it runs really small, though) — it’s waterproof, so I generally only use it for stuff where I might get wet. I know lots of people swim in their skirts, but I only use the skirts that are actually made for water that way.

    I have, OTOH, bought finisher stuff before the race — not very often at all, but a few times. So far it hasn’t jinxed me. OTOH, one time I bought a glass beer mug (which I love) but the race wasn’t great due to sudden heat. Oh well.


  2. I purchased Chicago Marathon finisher gear before the are so that I could avoid the long lines at the Expo. Like you, I didn’t wear any of the gear until after the race as to not jinx myself!


  3. So don’t think I would share a room w someone that I had not met bc I am a light sleeper. Especially before a race. I would totally have bought all of the finisher gear if I ran a marathon. You deserve it!


    • Everyone thought I was crazy for rooming with Lacey but it did work out. She does not snore Phew.

      Of course I would buy those items but maybe I should have waited until i finished the race LOL


  4. Haha, Glad things worked out with sharing a room with Lacey! I know she said you were a great roommate for the weekend and she enjoyed her time with you!

    When I signed up to run the NYC half marathon I bought a headband, magnet, and shoe charm a head of time ( but they did not say finisher on them so does that count?). They were items I wanted anyway, so I put them on my Christmas list!

    Thanks for linking up with us! -M


  5. I don’t think I ever bought official “finisher” stuff pre-race, but I’ve definitely worn new stuff…the arm sleeves I bought AT the Boston Marathon expo come to mind. Thankfully they were fine. I agree with you that racing with no family members spectating is much less stressful.

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  6. You ran a lot of races this month. Way to go, Darlene! I like to run a variety of distances too. The only time I ever bought finisher gear was at Boston. I bought a jacket at the expo. I think you’re fine as long as you don’t actually wear it before the race. Now that would be a jinx!


  7. It’s like we’re the same person LOL. I am totally race-obsessed and have so much fun. I hate when my husband comes to big races. I like him at the finish line, but I hate the pressure of knowing he’s hanging out waiting for me. I did wear new sneakers for my marathon – they were a new pair of a familiar model, but they annoyed me the whole race and I never wore them again LOL.

    And yes, I have bought finisher stuff before the race. That’s when they sell it, and sometimes, you have to have it.


    • Remember I know EXACTLY what you are going through…ask me anything!

      Just think I ran 26.2 miles with a plate & 6 screws on one side and 2 long screws on the other.. I was so scared at the time that I would never walk without a limp again.


  8. It seems that for big races like NYC you have to buy the gear in advance or it’s gone! I’ve roomed with bloggers I didn’t know before, except on-line. It worked out well, probably because we share so much on our blogs! I struggle with wanting my husband at races. If he drives me I don’t have to worry about parking, but then I do feel bad for making him come.

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  9. My whole family came to Chicago the first time I ran it. I was such a wreck looking for them and I had such a bad race that when I ran it again, I told them not to come. I runfess that I was so much more relaxed doing it without the pressure of finding my ‘people”!

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  10. This post made me laugh, and nod my head LOL I bought the Mission Accomplished hat (at MCM at the expo), knowing I wanted a hat for the race due to the impending rain. SO, yes, I wore the new hat, stating that my mission was accomplished, before I even crossed the start line. Michelle (Running with Attitude) and I shared a room at RnR Chicago, though we’d never met face to face…and we had a blast!

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