Runfessions for September

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

I don’t comment on most blogs.

I read many running blogs. But I either don’t have time to comment and they won’t let me comment using my iphone.

I feel guilty since I enjoy when runners comment on my posts.

Anyone else read blogs but don’t comment?

2. I runfess…

I post for myself.

My readership is pretty small. But I’m okay with it.

I often don’t even link up my posts.

If you read my post from last Friday about why I blog, you know that I plan to continue blogging even if no one reads my blog.

Anyone else not worry about who reads their blog?

3.I runfess…

My life if not perfect.

Some people have commented that I am so lucky, I get to travel, have so many friends, do so many interesting things, etc.

Um…. there is plenty of not so great things going on with my family, friends, work, etc.

I just prefer not to share those things.

For the most part, I blog about my running and on FB and IG, I like sharing the good stuff.

(I not NOT judging those who share all kinds of things – good and bad.  I do enjoy getting to know you better.)

Anyone else prefer to keep the bad stuff in their life private?

4. I runfess…

I’m planning my Marathon outfit.

It’s the one thing I can control. My training runs, the weather, my ache and pains… NOPE).

So I am definitely wearing a Skirt Sports skirt (with pockets), NYCM compression calf sleeves, race belt, baseball cap.

But the shirt. I want it to represent where I’m from. So it will probably be from a local race (H2H, MHM or Freohofers.)

Anyone else obsess over their race outfit ?

5.I runfess…

I miss racing.

When I wasn’t training for a full marathon, I would race almost every weekend.  Around here, in the fall, there are so many races to choose from.

I’m trying to be good about getting my long runs in.  But it’s so hard not to click that “register” button.

Just a few of the races I’m skipping:

Anyone else like to race all the time?

It’s Friday so I’m linking up with Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to link back to your hostess and visit some other bloggers.

Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


21 thoughts on “Runfessions for September

  1. I continue to write for myself as well. I think that’s the biggest change in blogging since I started. In the “old days” everyone blogged for themselves. Now people crawl all over each other vying for page views. Marathon training has a way of monopolizing all one’s time. NYCM is getting close! Thanks for runfessing.

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  2. Nope, obviously, I don’t race all the time. But I do plan to run a 5k this Sunday, I like to race occasionally & the weather looks pretty nice on Sunday, even if it doesn’t start until 9:30.

    For me writing about things is very cathartic.I can’t always write about things going on in my life in deference to other people, but I also feel that when I do write about the bad stuff, I get more support — and no one can have too much of that — plus you never know when something you write might actually help someone else going through something similar.

    Life has definitely not been a bowl of cherries this year for me. Not that the last couple of years were all that great, either. But that’s life. You have to go through the hard times to appreciate the good times.


    • Everyone blogs differently. My blog would be a Debbie Downer if everyone really knew my life. But as you said we all have good things too and we need to appreciate and focus on them.

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  3. No I don’t race as much as I used to but fall is a fun time to race around here. I do try to comment on all of the blogs I read bc I think it helps me stay engaged w my core group of blog friends. Marathon training does take up a lot of time!

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  4. I already have my race day outfit for Chicago. I think it’s important to plan that out beforehand, and test it out to make sure you like it. Running in something uncomfortable for hours is no fun!

    I always try to reply back to blogs that comment on my posts. I join a lot of link ups too but my readership definitely isn’t high. For me the blog is a way to chronicle my running journey. I use Instagram for the same thing.

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  5. It’s so much quicker to just read blogs and not comment. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing while not blogging myself. It’s how I keep up with my friends. On that note…I’ve been cheering for you as you train to your first marathon! And I agree, training for one does cut down on the weekend races.

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  6. I agree with blogging for oneself and not the approval, etc. of others. Personally, I really get annoyed with reading sponsored posts, so I do not do very many of them myself. I don’t like being sold, whether in person or in writing LOL Via the analytics, I have a lot of people who read and don’t comment, and I guess it’s their privilege to do what they want (though I make every effort to read/comment on others who have done so for me, if their blog is easily accessible via a link). I haven’t thought of my MCM outfit yet….I still gotta get through a couple more lone runs first 😉

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  7. I am you 1-4. This is no surprise.
    I was just talking with a non-running friend about the different way some people use social media. We all do it differently, and there is no right way.
    I try to read, even if I can’t comment due to phone or people locking comments at 48 hours. I’m behind again right now due to a work event Friday and running/afternoon with friend eating yesterday. I’ll get there – eventually.


  8. I do comment on almost every blog I read. I feel like we have a little community here–it’s nice to make those connections. I have a lot of readers who don’t comment and I’m good with that too. As far as numbers go, I’m not obsessed with them but I do like to see who’s reading. My numbers have dropped quite a bit and that’s a little disheartening to me. But like you said, to each his own.


    • Glad to hear but maybe people read my blog and just don’t comment lol

      Once travel decreases, I’ll get onto a computer from time to time and comment.


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