Weekly Run Down for 9.23.19-9.29.19: Another Week, Another Town


Another week of work travel. Sigh.

Last week it was Rochester. This week, Binghamton.

And trying to train for NYCM.

Last Week

  • Monday  – Summer returned with a vengeance. Almost 90 degrees and oppressive humidity.  I’ve run in worse conditions but I guess I got spoiled with last week’s weather. This UAlbany loop run felt tough. Luckily I had a friend to push me through.

as soon as we finished, the skies opened up.

  • Tuesday – Off to Binghamton with all my computers. I had never worked here before so I did my research and discovered a short rail trail in Vestal not far from my hotel. It was nice to find a place to run but it was between two highways so all you could hear was traffic.

There was a cafe where I parked and I had dinner there and then went for a walk on the trail in the other direction.

  • Wednesday – I went back to the same trail after work. Didn’t run on trail but ran through town but ate dinner at the same cafe. The owner is runner and we talked about races, of course.

  • Thursday – Last day in Binghamton and I ran the trail again but in the direction that I walked the first night.

  • Friday – Rest day.  Long drive home.
  • Saturday – Long Run Day with my Sole Sisters. I had 14 on my plan and was fortunate to have various runners to accompany me on many of miles.

Afterward was group brunch, followed by errands, unpacking and dinner out finally with the hubby.

and apple pie for dessert

  • Sunday – Boating Sunday on Lake George. The hubby thought that it would be chilly but it was not. We docked in a bay, had lunch and hung out enjoying the sunshine.

On the way home we stopped at my MIL’s to celebrate her 94th birthday.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 9.23.19-9.29.19: Another Week, Another Town

  1. You certainly keep busy! It’s great that you have friends in so many places 😉 Glad you had a day to relax with the hubby…your body and mind were due for some downtime.

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