Weekly Run Down for 9.16.19-9.22.19: On the Road Again


After one week of not traveling for work, for the next four weeks I will be back on the road. Sigh.

And still trying to train for NYCM.

Last Week

  • Monday  – Long drive to Rochester but after my set-up, I had time to go for a run. I haven’t been here in a while but I used to come here often so at least I knew places to run. My favorite is along Lake Ontario. It was beautiful with perfect weather.

  • Tuesday – After a tough day at work, a run was just what I needed. I decided to head to the Erie Canal path. Again perfect running weather and a Skirt Sports ambassador meet up at Schoen Place.

  • Wednesday – Running three days in a row is not what I normally do but this was a short one and back along Lake Ontario.

added to my sea glass collection

Then a stop for ice cream.

Who knew Abbott’s was here? Had to run another mile to justify that custard.

  • Thursday – Last night in Rochester and another run along the Erie Canal but in the opposite direction from Tuesday. Wish this weather would last forever.

  • Friday – Rest day.  Long drive home. Pooped.
  • Saturday – Long Run Day with my Sole Sisters. Since I’m skipping a long run on Oct 5, I decided to run 18 and postpone my cutback run until next weekend. I ran 4 miles solo, then 5 more with Judy, and finally 4.5 with Barbara. I finish the last 4.5 miles alone. I’m not gonna lie. IT WAS HARD!!!!

After brunch, I had a much needed hair appt. Then errands and out to celebrate a friend’s b-day (while the hubby was on our boat.)

  • Sunday – No boating today. I was at a Mah Jongg weekend away. Some of us, including me, just went for the day. Fun to play and relax. Hopefully, next Sunday, I’ll be back on the boat.

the hostess got a brand new puppy – the cutest

22 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 9.16.19-9.22.19: On the Road Again

    • Me too. The weather cooperated and Rochester and NYC are easy to run in. Three more weeks of travel in less desirable places. Wrong year to train. Oh well.


    • 16 felt rather easy but not 18. Too tired and hot and too fast. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      I make my hair appts for the year but with travel you can imagine how many times I have to change.

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    • I thought it was a great idea but I think it made it harder since my friends were fresh when they started running and I was spent. But still I prefer to have company.


  1. Schoen Place ❤
    I feel like you were traveling to Rochester in the first weeks we blog met. You were a stone's throw from my college campus – Naz is right on East Ave to the right of Schoen Place, past French road.
    I feel you on move the run. The Albany Half is supposed to be 18. Luckily Jordan's to the shuttle is about 4 so 17ish will be fine

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  2. I went to the salon last week for some highlights. It always makes me so happy to get that look, but hanging out in the salon makes me a bit antsy. I guess that’s the part of me that doesn’t like to sit still! Oh, and spending the money to do it 🙂 Great job on that 18 miler!! You had some beautiful places to run last week.

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