Weekly Run Down: 6.10.19-6.16.19: a New York (City) State of Mind


Last Week –

  • Monday – Since I had run a race the day before and had a race scheduled for the next day, after arriving in Manhattan, trekking to and from Queens, I met Cari and we just WALKED (rather than ran) along the High Line (the rain even stopped)

fun time chatting and getting in our steps

and afterward we walked to the top of the Vessel. The plan included a sunset view but we got a foggy one instead. Still worth the steps.

  • Tuesday After a long work day, I rushed back to my hotel to change and then hopped the subway to run the Building Brooklyn 5K – an inaugural race in (hilly) Prospect Park. I was pooped but no matter what the outcome, I have never regretted a race. Definitely slower than the last time I ran this course but I won my age group and there was ice cream post race. So win win.

  • Wednesday – No time for running since I had to take the train back home after work.

view from the train ride

  • Thursday – I actually cancelled dinner plans with a friend after work. I had hoped to run before work (and the rain) but I had a car appt. Instead I squeezed in a run followed by shopping and unpacking.

the geese and I beat the rain – hooray

  • Friday – Rest day because I was hosting mah jongg at my house (and had to clean).
  • Saturday – It was a hard decision but I decided not to run a local 5k. Instead I met my Sole Sisters for a run. 8 miles done for Gabe. Of course it was followed by a delightful brunch.

Afterward since rain was predicted for Sunday, I drove up to the lake for a day of boating and relaxing.

Notice what I was reading…really good so far. I couldn’t put it down.

  • Sunday – Rainy day! Time to do some de-cluttering! And then lunch out for Father’s Day with the hubby, my stepson & his wife.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down: 6.10.19-6.16.19: a New York (City) State of Mind

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  2. It’s great to have the possibility to enter many 5 km. Here the closest 5km are in Rome (2 different Parkruns) but because of the traffic we never know the time we need to get there: 1 hour? 2 hours? Better a solid training near house or a hilly race in the towns around here.

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  3. Love the eight miles’ purple.
    So good to see you, of course and congrats on Tuesday!
    I’m reading Ed Caesar’s Two Hours but really should read her book sometime soon.


  4. I am so jealous that you always seem to find the post race ice cream! My favorite! I can’t imagine you have December races in NYC? I want to bring little man up for a visit around the holidays and would so love to be able to check off another race. Of course, that’s prime race season for me down here, but probably not so much up there, right?

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  5. wait so the Brooklyn 5K was during the week? Love the win-win situation. I could come in last and getting ice cream would make it win-win hahaha!

    I wanna come hang out with you and Cari!!!

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