Shamrock Shuffle Race Recap

I signed up for this race weeks ago because it’s a nice local race and my running friend Laurie and I always do it together.  I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I would have run a half marathon 2 weeks before and that I would working on LI for three days before, as well.

If you’ve read my recap for the United Half Marathon, you know that I ran it but was under-trained due to nursing a calf injury.

Nevertheless, I decided that this race would be a good opportunity to test the leg and get in some speed work.

This was my fifth time running this five mile race.

Now that I’ve run the race four times, You would think that I would be at least prepared on how the course went uphill for the first mile, some rolling hills before it went downhill and then flattened out  See below:


Last year, I had a course PR.  Of course, I forget to look before the race to see what that time actually was. I also knew that it was not a 5 mile PR.  That was done at the Delmar Dash and I also did not remember my time for that race either.

I was hoping that the weather would be a little more spring-like and I could wear a green skirt. But it was not. It was not reslly cold but it was RAINING and windy. So I just wore capris & compression socks with a long sleeve shirt and brought another shirt,  gloves and a rain jacket.

The race was about an hour drive from my house.  But it had a late start of 11 am so I was able to sleep in. When I arrived, the parking lot was already full, but I found a spot on a nearby street and went into the gym to get my bib and race shirt.

another cotton shirt to give away

I chatted with some runners that I recognized including Sue who I’ve run several NYC races with, Maureen and some others.  I also met some new faces.

I had thought about bailing on this race but went because I told my friend Laurie (who doesn’t race often) that I would run it with her.  Guess what? She bailed.

us last year

Anyway, I talked to my friends while being entertained by bag pipes.

With such a late start (11 am), I was already hungry for lunch by the time the race began. I wish I had brought a GU.

Soon it was time to head to the start. We waited until the last minute so we didn’t have to stand outside long in the rain.. But someone said the rain had stopped so I ditched my gloves and jacket (a BIG mistake).

By the time the race had started, the skies opened up and it was pouring again.

There were usually over 300 runners for this race but I guess the rain scared off about 100 (and they moved the date back a week and it clashed with several other 5ks yesterday). Since I knew that the race was not chip timed, I should have lined up closer to the front. But I was chatting with Maureen and then all of a sudden, the race started.

last year (when it was NOT raining)

As I mentioned, the beginning of the race went uphill. I took it slow. But I refused to walk and tried to keep an even pace. At first, I tried to keep up with Maureen but she was too fast and I never lost her completely but she got farther and farther ahead. My legs felt sluggish the WHOLE race. Most likely because I had run 6.5 miles the day before (3 of them uphill).


over the highway bridge (2015’s pic)

Although it was in the high 40s, it was raining and WINDY and I was COLD and my hands were freezing.

After going over the bridge, about 1 1/2 in, we turned into the neighborhoods to some rolling hills. I could still see Maureen way ahead. But there was no way I could catch up to her. She became my beacon for the whole race.


2015’s pic

There was a water stop around mile 1.75, I usually stop but not today.  I was going to push it and try and run the WHOLE race. The sooner I finished, the sooner, I could get warm and out of my soaking wet clothes.

Finally mile 3 arrived and that was the downhill portion of the course. I knew here that I could pick up the pace.

The second water stop was around mile 4. I was so tempted to walk a bit.  I did not but probably should have since I knew that my pace was now slowing. (Walking always gives the boost I need to finish strong.)

But I just plugged along and refused to walk until I was done. It didn’t help that we were now running INTO the wind.

Finally, I saw the finish line and gave it everything I had. Unfortunately, I had NOTHING left. lol

I crossed at 46.21. I was happily surprised.  I was not expecting anything under 47 minutes.

beautiful day for a race …NOT!!

Normally I would have waited for Sue but I was cold and wet. The temperature had definitely dropped since the start of the race.

So I went inside. As soon as you entered, they had a screen with the live results.  I saw immediately that I had placed 4th (in the 10 year age group.)

I couldn’t wait to change into dry shirts and socks/shoes. (I wish I had had dry pants too).

Then I went to the cafeteria for refreshments. They were not much to speak of. I had coffee, a brownie, a cookie and a banana.

So no age group award for me. But my friend Maureen did win 2nd so I waited around for the awards ceremony.

Race Splits:

mile 1- 9:14
mile 2- 9:17
mile 3- 8:51 (downhill – yay!)
mile 4- 9:13
mile 5- 9:30 (tired legs)

46:06 according to my Garmin.

My current Five Mile PR is 45:09 from last year’s Delmar Dash.  My finish time last year for this race was 45:42. So no course PR either.

Nevertheless, I am happy with how I ran the race. I didn’t walk (which is rare for me.) I do not do ANY speed work. And I ran 6.5 miles the day before. I’m glad that I decided to run the race.

My long run for the weekend was Sat -6.5 and Sun – 5 = 11.5 total miles

There’s always next year to gun for the glass and the bread…

So it’s Tuesday and I am linking up  with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner) for Tuesday Topics.

I’m linking also up with Coaches Corner–Debbie, Susie, Lora, and Rachel!

and Wild Workout Wednesday with Nicole, Annmarie, Jen, and Michelle.

Happy Running! How was your weekend? Any running or racing? Is it spring where you live?  Have you run any St. Patrick’s Day-themed races in March? How do you feel about racing in the rain.  Would you have bailed?


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  1. Sorry to read that you just missed an AG award, but your race time is good! I like races that go uphill at the beginning and downhill toward the end. You seem to find the coolest races! I love the Shamrock shirt you got. Glad that your calf behaved for you.

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