Weekly Run Down for 3.25.19-3.31.19 – Countdown is on


Two weeks until my next half marathon!!

I’m not as nervous about this one. It’s local. I can sleep in my own bed. It’s a downhill course that I am familiar with. I will know so many runners there.

What I’m saying is that it’ll be another fun race. With no time goals.

I’m not giving up on PRs…or am I?

Maybe next year, it can be a goal race – with a training plan and no sore calf. We’ll see.

Last week

  • Monday – So today was the second meeting of the Freihofer Challenge Training group. At least it was a little warmer than last week but still cold and windy. Again I hesitated to run with the Advanced group since I had done my long run the day before (Also the slower advanced runners joined another running group this year). So I started out with them, slowed down and quit after their first loop.

  • Tuesday After two days in a row of running, I took a rest day. I met my BFF for dinner and a walk around the mall.
  • Wednesday – Off to LI for work.  I arrived early enough to get in a run, set up for the next day

still chilly but a little more springy than upstate

and then had dinner with 2 high school classmates.

yes, they are twins…friends since junior high

  • Thursday – Another post work run in the same park as the day before.

I thought it was going to be warmer when I left in the am…brrrr

  • Friday – A rest day because I had to drive home from LI after work.
  • Saturday -. I originally thought that I may do a long run today but after a long drive and late arrival home last night, I decided to sleep in. However when the temps went up to 60 degrees with a forecast of rain for Sunday, I changed my mind and went out for run. Not the 12 on my schedule just in case I would race the next day.

last weekend, I ran the first half of my upcoming half course and today I did the 2nd half… holy uphill on the way back to my car (so I had to have ice cream)

in case you’re wondering…tiramisu

  • Sunday – I decided (maybe stupidly) to test my leg in an actual race so I signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle, a 5 mile race about an hour north of where I live. I almost bailed because it was pouring and very windy. No course PR or AG award but still wet fun.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 3.25.19-3.31.19 – Countdown is on

  1. Yes to all of the questions 😉 I had a 10Kin the rain a few weeks ago…it kept me motivated to not slow down for anything LOL Looking forward the Cherry Blossom this weekend and that will be all about the fun and admiring all the sights.

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  2. Hey I thought you didn’t do races if it’s pouring rain? I guess you didn’t know until you got up there or?

    how’s your calf? are you not going for time on the half because of the issues? am i asking too many questions? haha!

    so, as you know I have a whole lotta nothing going on at the moment. I DO run halfs “for fun” if one can call it that (it sounds so dumb to non-runners, right?) I would NEVER run a marathon “for fun” OMG no. And I HATE running in pouring rain. Hate it. But usually do it because I’m there and I paid the money…

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    • I hate running in the rain but I have done it too often. I do bail on runs but if I have paid for a race, I always do it. I also hope that the rain will stop.

      The calf is off and on. Seems to like running in the morning. Better the longer I run. Not fully healed, I bet but much better.

      My one and only full will exactly that – for fun (or survival).

      Hope your recovery goes well.


  3. First, is that Stewart’s as in Stewart’s Root Beer? Because if so, yum. I miss that place.

    I run most of my races for fun. If I’m not out there having a good time, what am I even doing? Sure, I always like to PR and challenge myself, but at the end of the day, I just want great experiences.

    I love that you are always able to meet up with friends when you are traveling for work. That’s got to be so nice.

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    • It is great. Traveling for work can get lonely.

      I agree. Running should be fun.

      I don’t know. I love Root beer. Stewart’s are all over upstate NY.


  4. Yay wet fun!
    I officially bailed on the April half. Well not bailed, I never signed up, but I’m not going to. I need the distance break even though like you, Achilles feeling better. If I’m in town & it doesn’t sell out I’ll do Hot Chocolate.
    Enjoy your day visit if you come down. We can’t figure out what season we’re in

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