TT: National Savings Day (a week late)

glove- $1, arm sleeves – $1, shirt – from a race, skirt – free gift from a friend, calf sleeves – w/ ambassador discount

This Tuesday’s topic is How do you save money on running gear/races?

Ok so this was last week’s topic. Better Late than Never.

I admit it. I’m cheap sometimes.  I do not have to buy all the gadgets or expensive clothing.

Here are a few ways I save money:

  • Register for races EARLY.

I know that this can be dangerous but I always register when the price is the cheapest.  I may have been burned a few times but I know that I have saved more money than I’ve lost.

I’m already registering for 2022 races as they become available.

  • DIY Arm Sleeves

Even though I am a Zensah ambassador, I just buy cheap ($1 ones if possible) knee socks and cut off the foot. I can either throw them away or stuff them in a pocket.

  • Dollar Store Gloves

Love them. They’re light. You can double up (in colder weather) and most importantly, they’re cheap so you will probably never lose them.

  • Older Models of Shoes

Once you find a pair of running shoes you love, they will change them.  The good news that that the older models are cheaper.

  • Online Used Running Clothes

I have gotten some great deals on clothing in good condition that other runners no longer want.  There are many sites. Poshmark is one.  Skirt Sports has a FB page as well.

Even better is to sell the clothes that no longer fit or than you no longer wear.  Use that money to buy new stuff lol

I runfessed about both HERE.

  • Go Low Tech

What did runners do before treadmills, watches and recovery tools??

Don’t hate me for saying this…

But instead of buying a treadmill, run outside!  Instead of a foam roller, use a tennis, golf or lacrosse ball.

Do you really need all the stats on the latest running watch?

  • Become an Ambassador

I will say that it is not easy to get selected as a brand ambassador especially for the competitive ones (if you do not have a high readership or zillions of followers on your social media accounts).

And the discounts you get (due to the increased number of ambassadors and cost of products) are not as great as in the past.  But still it is something if you are are going to buy those items anyway.

My two favorites:

Happy Running! How do you save money on running gear/races?? Please share. 


Since today is Tuesday, I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner).

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18 thoughts on “TT: National Savings Day (a week late)

  1. I totally agree about the fancy gadgets, Darlene!
    I’m trying to avoid the treadmill and stationary bike for as long as I can.
    I understand that for many who have a busy schedule or small kids, a treadmill is often the only option.
    The only thing that I couldn’t live without is my Garmin. And yes, I “need” all the weird stats, haha!

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  2. Its definitely helpful to have very inexpensive items like gloves and arm warmers. Ive learned that investing in higher quality clothes is worth it for me because they last a long time. Im definitely grateful for my treadmill for the days I can’t get outside but I could certainly live without it. I do think having home gym items has saved us money without having a gym membership all these years.

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    • I agree about high quality clothes and shoes. But for Throwaways, it’s good to keep it cheap.

      With a kid at home, I’m sure it’s essential to have the treadmill and gym items on hand.


  3. Down here, it’s rare that we need arm warmers, and when I do use them, it’s pretty certain I’m going to discard them somewhere along the way. I’ve never bought arm warmers or even knee socks for that matter- I just rummage through my daughter’s old clothes to find knee socks she no longer wears. Gloves are always from the Target dollar section- I almost always discard them somewhere along the way, and frequently forget all about them until several weeks later when I realize my gloves are out in the bushes somewhere.
    All great tips! Thanks.

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  4. My treadmill tip (because there are quite a few that actually feel the need for you, as well as those that don’t) is to invest in a really good one. Because my first one lasted at least 20 years. My guess is the second one won’t but if you average out the cost over 20 years — not really that much, not if it helps me to keep running safely.

    I think most (but not all) runners buy older models of shoes.


  5. We have a home treadmill since it’s not always feasible to get outside with a young kid (Especially when the winters are too bad to use the jogging stroller)! It’s definitely been cheaper than the gym membership plus the gas to drive to the gym!

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