Friday Five: NYC Half Marathon

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My topic for today is: Five Hopes for the NYC Half Marathon

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If you follow my blog, you know that after many lottery attempts, I got an guaranteed entry to the NYC Half Marathon. The Brooklyn Half in May 2018 was a miserable experience – weather-wise but my finish time (2:11:23) was good enough.

I never set goals for my races but I do wish/hope for certain things. Maybe I will be more successful for this race than the last.

1. I hope that it doesn’t rain.

Yes, I am sick of being wet and getting blisters. October weather would be ideal. See below:

Poland Spring Marathon Kick-Off

2. I hope to meet up with running friends and/or make new friends.

I know a few runners doing it. With over 30,000 runners signed up, I am sure to meet some others. I am taking the bus from Manhattan to the start line (and my wave starts an hour after the first wave) so there will be plenty of time to bond and chat.

3. I hope to run relatively pain-free.

This is an important one. No fun to run with pain. Plus, I have several more big races in the coming months.

are you listening, Calf?

4. I hope to beat my last half marathon time.

It’s a tough course and I am recovering from an injury so I will be ok if I don’t.

2:20:28 or bust LOL

5. I hope to enjoy the race and the day.

Running around Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, over the Manhattan Bridge, through Manhattan and ending in Central Park. – lots of sights to view – can’t beat this NYC skyline.

See the source image.

Happy Running! Anyone else running the NYC Half Marathon? If so, let’s plan a meet-up.



23 thoughts on “Friday Five: NYC Half Marathon

  1. It looks like it could be perfect running weather! Hope it is!

    Normally I’d say you shouldn’t worry about time with an injury but as long as you don’t aggravate it I think you’ll beat your last half.

    Good luck & happy running.

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  2. Best of luck to you with having a great race – I hope the weather is perfect (AND DRY)! I know you’ll enjoy the sights along the way…that’s one thing I like about your racing, you always seem to take notice of your surroundings while you run.

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  3. Good luck!!!!! I never thought of it, but I didn’t get any blisters after my 10K in the rain last weekend. of course, it was just a 10K…not 13.1 miles LOL You got this, and you are ingreat shape…take a deep breath and just own it 😉

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