What Not to Do as an Injured Runner

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When you are injured, everyone has advice. So here’s my two cents on what NOT to do.

  • Treat it yourself.

Ignoring it can make it worse. Foam rolling an injury, can also hurt it. If it is very painful, see a doctor.

the stress fracture

  • Run a Race.

Easy runs are one thing but most of us are too competitive to take it easy in a race. Skip it! There will be other races.

running with a stress fracture=stupid

  • Compensate with your favorite food and drink.

You are miserable because you cannot run.  You have more time because you are not off running. Find something you enjoy doing to take your mind off eating….knitting, reading, movies, etc.

  • Google your injury.

You’ll drive yourself nuts.  By the time you;’re done, you’ll be convinced that you’ll never run again.

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  • Hang out with your running friends.

They mean well but all they want to talk about is running.  Didn’t you when you were running? This is the time to see those non-running friends that you ignored because they didn’t get your running obsession.

Image result for injured runner meme

So it’s Tuesday and I am linking up  with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner) for Tuesday Topics.

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Happy Running! How many of the above things have you done when injured? (I have done ALL of them lol).

17 thoughts on “What Not to Do as an Injured Runner

  1. I’ve been lucky. Plenty of niggles and pains, but so far, no injury that really sidelined me for long. Maybe it’s the recovery. 🙂

    I’m actually the opposite on some of those things, like I’m much more careful about what I eat when I can’t exercise enough. I have to be.

    Google something, though, of course!


  2. It took me a while to accept an injury and that it is best to NOT run. I would tell myself that it would get better. it didn’t. I am guilty of compensating with food and drinks. I mean, what else is there to do? 🙂

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  3. Very good advice and I have to say reading the blogs and scrolling through Social Media is hard when you’re injured too. Way too much FOMO!

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  4. I have honestly done exactly ALL of these. Heck, I even have tabs still open with questions of “how long will this take to heal?”, and “will I lose my fitness??”. I’m starting to realize that I just need to rest, eat good, HEALTHY, food, and enjoy my time off. There is nothing I can do about it now, so why make this time miserable? I strained my upper hamstring and slightly my sciatic nerve about a week ago and I have gone stir crazy not being able to get in my daily runs. I am grateful that it is not a major injury, as I can still walk decently around the house and do my usual household routine with only a bit of pain. I just want to get on the road again 🥺

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