Friday Five 2.0: Ambassadorships 2018

It’s Friday so I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to link back to your hostesses and visit some other bloggers.

My Topic for today is:  Ambassadorships 2018

I don’t have a big following. I mostly blog for myself and hopefully someone will read my posts and be inspired enough to start or continue running.

As a result, companies are not banging down my door to offer me ambassadorships.

I also feel strongly about only pursuing ones whose products are beneficial to me.

So here are my FIVE for 2018:

1. Rock n Blog

I ran the Vegas Rock n Roll 5k and Half Marathon and was so impressed about how the races were organized. I am very excited to promote these races and with any luck even race a few.

2. Legend Compression

To get $15 off, click here

If you’ve read my blog, you know that I am a big fan of compression wear.  I rarely race without compression socks or sleeves. I had heard great things about this brand and can’t wait to race in their compression sleeves. (My first pair is black but brighter colors will be ordered, for sure.)

Image result for legend compression sleeves black


I am, admittedly, lousy about hydration.  I do not drink enough water.  Well, that is about to change.   My biggest rpobelm now is to decide which flavors I like best.

Image result for nuun4. My Soxy Feet

Use code SOXYCARDILLO to get 10% off your purchase

Ok, I have a thing for socks.  I can’t have enough. Well, this company has the cutest socks! They are mismatched and they are not just for running.

Image result for my soxy feet tennis socks

tennis – my second favorite sport

5. Skirt Sports

use code FALL20WIN to get 20% off your purchase

I have been an Ambassador Caption for 3 years already. They haven’t announced the 2018 ambassadors yet but my fingers are crossed that I am selected. I mean, I ONLY wear Skirt Sports skirts, capris and tights!!

Happy Running! How about you… do you apply for ambassadorships?  Which ones have you gotten? Which ones would you like to get?

35 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0: Ambassadorships 2018

  1. These are GREAT ambassadorships! I was a Rock N Blogger one year but couldn’t get to any of the races so I failed. Whomp whomp. Not for lack of trying!


  2. I have seen a lot of ambassador opportunities, but have not applied for some of them. If they aren’t products I’ve used (and have no previous experience with them), I don’t really want to be promoting them. On the other hand, there are some products I LOVE and am already using them and promoting them…so those ambassadorships are a prefect fit. Congrats! You’ve got a lot of great stuff happening.

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  3. these are great brands! you should really only represent companies you believe in and it seems that that is exactly what you do!

    I’ve been on the Rock’n’Blog team for the past 3 years (so this is my 4th now) – it’s very challenging to be a RnB’er in Europe but I’m spreading as much love as I can as I truly love the rock n roll race series and have said many many times I would still sing their praises even if I WASN’T on the team.

    I would love to be a ProCompression ambassador – I thought they were opening up spots in Europe but I didn’t make the team (I’m not sure who did make it in Europe). I also tried to become an Asics frontrunner but it would seem that Asics only want runners who look good and have huge followings online (I don’t and I’m a fit runner with a slight weight issue – hence I guess I don’t market well). I am not bitter, I promise 🙂

    in the end I don’t even have the time to be more active than I am online so I’ll stick with RnB and hope for PC next year.


  4. I’ve done several ambassadorships, but Rock’N’Blog Team 2016 was one of my favorites. Although it was short lived after an unexpected life event, it was fun. I hope to return one day! I haven’t applied for any this year. Maybe next year.


  5. I was really excited to get on the Rock n Blog team – until I realized I might not be able to run any of the races. So bummed about that. I’m hoping to get up to Philly so I run at least one…


  6. I’ve been a Rock ‘n’ Blogger for the past couple of years, but when I started looking ahead at the 2018 calendar I realized that I wouldn’t be able to run many if any races this year, so I opted to not reapply. It really is a great program so hopefully the calendar will work out better in the future.


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