Weekly Wrap for 1.15.18-1.21.18: A no-travel work week. Woo Hoo!


Last week – 

  • Monday –  A day off from work. Woo Hoo! Even though I had run 7 miles the day before, who wastes an opportunity to run during the daylight hours. Not moi!  It was still in the teens, but having sunshine and Judy to keep me company made this run easy peasy.

  • Tuesday – A rest day because I was scheduled to play tennis in the evening. Since there is now a treadmill where I play tennis, I just had to use it, right?

3 more miles

It was torture as usual. At least tennis was fun as well as dinner out after.

Today was also my 19th wedding anniversary (to be celebrated over the weekend) and 7th anniversary of my FIRST half marathon!!

  • Wednesday – A scheduled rest day due to a hair appointment. You know how important those are.

only pretty when you don’t have to run in it (or shovel it)

And also due to all the snow. But my hairdresser got sick and cancelled. Messed up my schedule. Don’t you hate when that happens?

  • Thursday – Roads clear so I went for a run after work.

It was in the 20s which feel colder when there is snow and it is dark… in other words, I was under-dressed!

  • Friday – Another scheduled rest.  I actually went for a walk at lunch for the first time in forever.  Mah jongg was my evening activity.
  • Saturday – The Wineglass ladies organized an early morning run.  We decided on UAlbany since we could run in the road if the path was snow-covered and slippery.  There were 6 of us.  I ran 2 + loops or 6 miles with Barbara and we ran at a decent pace with some good conversation which always makes the run more enjoyable. Afterwards, we went out to brunch, of course.

no wind and in the 30s – it’s the little things

It was a little rushed since I planned to attend the Women’s March downtown in the afternoon.

so inspiring and the signs were so creative…glad I went

  • Sunday –  The weather was great and I was tempted to go for a run but I had stuff to do around the house and errands to run. My visit was short and sweet but I stopped off at the free gym on the way to the grocery store. I bet  you didn’t expect that from me.

arm machines, leg machines and the bike .. not so painful

Finally celebrated our wedding anniversary with a great steak dinner!

Next Week

  • Monday 4 miles
  • Tuesday work travel, 3 miles ??
  • Wednesday –  rest day, work travel
  • Thursday 3 miles, dinner out with tennis ladies
  • Friday – rest day, re-scheduled hair appt., mah jongg
  • Saturday6-8 mile run and/or
  • SundayHMRRC Winter Series #4 (3m or 15K)

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Any snow yet?? How are dealing with the frigid temps? Please share.


40 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 1.15.18-1.21.18: A no-travel work week. Woo Hoo!

  1. Still not quite sure what I’m doing about the weekend. Most likely we’ll visit my parents on saturday & then a run is out that day. Unless I move my long run to during the week (possible, but will require a lot of juggling), 3 miles on Sunday isn’t enough for me. So not sure what’s going to happen this week, bottom line.


    • So maybe I’ll see you or not. Not sure here either. Last race, I did the shorter distance and then another loop. But it depends on the weather, I may do the 15k as a very slow pace if I don’t run with the group on Sat. In a perfect world, I will run both days.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yup, hotels, restaurants…driving is my least favorite part. At least when I go to NYC, i take the train and there are places to run besides the treadmill. The other places – not until spring 😦


  2. Happy anniversary, for both of them! Sounds like a great week and that’s great that you went to the women’s march. I was able to go last year and it was an amazing experience. I was sad I wasn’t able to make it this year.


  3. Happy anniversary!

    No snow here, obviously. It’s still been crazy cold, although we are starting to see a break and we finally turned off the heat LOL!

    Wineglass is on my list. I desperately want to run that one!


  4. So that means you ran your first Half on your 12th anniversary? 😉 I hate when my hair appointment gets rescheduled. I’m usually so desperate by the time I make one waiting a few more days is really rough. You sure are getting it done in this weather.


  5. I didn’t go to our women’s march this year and I’m kinda mad I didn’t. I actually didn’t realize it was the same day as the Cleveland Marathon kick-off run when the run was rescheduled (I don’t know how I didn’t put it together!) and I didn’t figure it out until that day. #ugh


  6. You have been travelling a lot so I hope you enjoyed your non-travelling week. I didn’t expect to see you at the gym…or on a treadmill. I PAY a gym membership and don’t go. We actually had snow last week and I had an extra day off work. But only one. Thanks for linking!


  7. I’m all about required rest days for hair appointments….

    congrats on your anniversaries!

    our weather is … typically Dutch. super windy. crap rain. I’m over it.

    I managed to run last weekend, which was great but for the last 6 weeks I haven’t had a lot of running. mostly cross training.


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