TOTR: Stuff I Love about Running

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Today’s topic is Stuff I Love About Running.

I could go on and on but I will limit it to EIGHT great things:

1. Bling

Yup, it’s cool to get medals.

2. Opportunities to Travel

I don’t travel as much as other runners but I have gotten to visit California, Florida, Vermont, Philly and NJ.

3. Races

I would race every weekend if I could.

4. Running Friends

They are the best….

5. Prizes awarded based on your Age

I love that that I am only competing with other women and the ones that are in my age group.

6. Blogging

If I didn’t run, I probably wouldn’t blog and I would have missed out on meeting some fabulous ladies.

7. Opportunities to Inspire Others

Never doubt that you can have an impact on someone else.  You can.

8. How it makes me feel

Healthy, strong, empowered, young(er)…

Happy Running! Tell me something you LOVE about running.

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24 thoughts on “TOTR: Stuff I Love about Running

  1. Great list! I definitely agree with the running friends bit. The friends I get together with are moms with young kids and I feel like I definitely wouldn’t see them as much if we didn’t have a standing weekend date to get together for a run.


  2. Love this ! I had a race this past weekend and I was so happy to be racing again and thrilled with my performance. I have a 5K this coming weekend too, then 3 weekends of travel, but I need to find a new one for end of March / April.


  3. All of the above…but I also would add the power to overcome one’s own self doubt. Growing up (and still existing LOL) with limited “natural” athletic ability, running has been my ticket to an entire new world. If you would have told me in my youth (or even in my college years) that I’d someday run marathons, I would have looked for the Candid Camera people.


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