TOTR: Do you travel for races?

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Today’s topic is: Weekend Warrior or Racecation? Do you travel for races or like to stay local?

Definitely BOTH!

So I would define a race-cation as any race where you need to stay over night in a hotel.

Since I am not independently wealthy and work, I cannot take as many race-cations as I’d like.

In 2016, I traveled for 4 races: Sarasota, FL, Vermont, NYC and Panama City, FL. I had planned one more but ZOOMA Cape Cod Half got cancelled (and I settled for 2 local halfs instead.)

This year, it will probably be much of the same. So far, I have plans to travel to Stuart, FL, NYC, and Corning, NY. I’d love to add one more trip in late fall.

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If you need some convincing or tips, here are some posts on the subject:

However, the majority of my races are local – that is, less than an hour away.  I am fortunate that from April-October, there so many to choose from each weekend.

Even half marathons.  I haven’t run one twice yet I haven’t exhausted the list of local ones.

I do repeat the short distance races – the ones that I’ve enjoyed.  Believe it or not, I have not run all the local ones either.

Image result for ecards running race vacations weekends

Plus, when you run local, you become part of the local running community.  You recognize those familiar faces at each race.  Besides being just another runner, they actually can become your friends.  The conversation becomes “What’s your next race?”  “Have you ever run…?” And they cheer when you win an age group award.

Here are just a few of my faves:

Oh so many little time…

Happy Running! And you?  Travel or stay local for your races?


23 thoughts on “TOTR: Do you travel for races?

    • ??? Zooma cancelled the half and made it into a yoga weekend. They gave everyone a refund. I am running the Shape Women’s Half in Central Park – April 30. Come!!


    • You definitely cover more distance and stay in hotels. 3 nights is my max for a race-cation too. (you know the work thing 😦 )

      You will be traveling a lot for years to come getting in all your states. And I will enjoy reading about your travels.

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  1. I like to do both but I tend to stay local since we have so many options in the Philly/S. Jersey area! This year is definitely more racecations, starting with Disney next month!


  2. I like to do both. We are starting our race travel season with this weekend’s trip to Houston – it’s only two hours away, but a full, fun weekend awaits, and I’m excited!


  3. I definitely like both too! I try to have only 2 actual racecations per year (actually traveling). But I have stayed in a hotel locally for larger races where it just helps with the logistics (Army 10 miler and RnR DC last year). It works out because I have friends doing the same races and it’s not that expensive when the hotel costs are split 🙂


  4. I like to be able to drive to most things. I would like to do more races that would require an overnight but are still in a drive-able distance, like West VA. It is still close enough for me to drive but would open up lot of possibilities.
    I did peek to see if there was an Amtrak station near you 🙂


  5. I love local races because, like you said, you start to recognize people and it feels like a family affair in a way! I’ve ever traveled out of state for a race, although I’ve traveled to Cape Canaveral, Ft. Lauderdale, Sarasota, and St. Pete. I’d like to someday race out of state…Next time I travel I’m going to see if there are any local races going on where I end up!


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