A Non-Running Survey

Thanks to Ali from Ali on the Run for her silly little survey. And it isn’t about running but I’m sure I’ll add something about that in one or two of the answers.

Here you go:

Favorite iPhone app:

Instagram is my favorite.  I love to take photos (but most of them do relate to running.)


this is my most recent – you can follow me @dsc59

My second favorite is Facebook. I do not to post about EVERTHING I do but I love to share the interesting things (and they are not usually running-related) that I do such as going to the movies. friend gatherings and trips to NYC. It’s a way great to share and interact with friends that you don’t see often.


Most-used emoji:

Probably the thumbs up one. It shows agreement, encouragement, etc. I use it a lot.

Image result for thumbs up emoji

And then there are my personal bit emojis.  I use them frequently in texting.


Last song you sang in the shower

I don’t usually sing in the shower so I’ll share the last song I sang along with while running. Lady Gaga, Madonna & Shania Twain get me moving.

What is your greatest fear:

Snakes, mice…EEK!!

Somewhere you haven’t been that you’d like to go: 

Alaska, Iceland, African Safari, China, Vietnam, Hawaii

Image result for northern lights in iceland

I want to see the Northern Lights

What would you want as your last meal on earth: 

Pizza and ice cream or a fancy French meal.

yes, please

The TV show you’re binge-watching now: 

My favorite show now is This is Us.  I DVR it.  I still watch Grey’s Anatomy.  I am also waiting to catch Nashville (not sure if I get this channel…)

Deacon ❤ crush

Last person you kissed:

I hope it’s my hubby but it may be my cat, Jerry.

who wouldn’t want to kiss this furry face?

Which living person do you most admire?

Michelle Obama.  She’s such a class act. I will miss her in the White House.

Image result for Michelle Obama exercise

of course I found a pic of her running

Three words that best describe you:

loyal, driven, runner

What’s the craziest thing someone’s said to you on social media? 

“Love your Michelle Obama arms”  I wish I had her arms. I laughed.


who me?

Favorite time of the week:

Saturday or Sunday morning (depending on which day I do not run or race). No work to rush off to. Can relax at breakfast and have a second cup.


Childhood crush:

Paul McCartney of the Beatles.  David Cassidy of the Partridge Family. David McCallum (Ilya Kuryakin) in the Man from Uncle.  (Ok, I’m old if you don’t know who they are?)

Image result for partridge family

Most recent tattoo:

I have none.

Would you rather have a chauffeur, a chef, a personal trainer, or someone to clean your home for you?

Either a personal trainer cuz I cannot get motivated to exercise or someone to clean my house.  I hate to waste time cleaning.

Image result for Personal Trainer Clip Art

a cute one would help too

Happy Running!  Care to share? Answer some of these questions in the comments. 


14 thoughts on “A Non-Running Survey

  1. Someone to clean my home. And a chauffeur. And yes, you have great arms. Must be the tennis (and genetics).

    You know, there’s a half marathon that goes through a wildlife park . . . well, I know your reply but it’s a real half! I should have included that in tomorrow’s post!

    And yes, didn’t everyone have a crush on David Cassidy & I know who they all are.


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