Running Update 1.2.17-1.8.17


Last Week:

  • Monday – I decided to squeeze in an evening run since Tuesday had rain in the forecast

getting bored with the Ualbany loop so ran through the streets of Delmar

  • Tuesday – Glad that I planned a rest day since it rained most of the day.  I did play tennis in the evening instead.
  • Wednesday – Finally dragged myself out for a short lunchtime walk.

picked up my race prize

I went for a run after work with Alyssa. The day started out warm but by the time we ran, it had gotten much colder and then during our run, it started to sleet.  Fun. Fun.  Well, we just ran faster.


3 wet miles

After the run, I met my running buddy, Barbara, for a drink & a bite to eat.  I haven’t seen her in a while since she has been out of commission with an injury. It was fun catching up.  I hope she is able to run again soon.

  • Thursday– Another scheduled rest day.  I finally met up with my BFF for her postponed birthday dinner and a movie.
A man and a woman dancing beside a streetlight, a city view stretches out behind them. The woman is wearing a bright yellow dress, her partner is wearing a with shirt and tie with dark pants.

Enjoyable but left wondering what hype is about.

  • Friday – I did go for a run before my evening mah jongg game. I decided that I would try to run on the rail trail if it were clear and it was.  But I had a mental lapse – darkness and no lights.  What was I thinking?  I ran fast and only had to run the last mile in the dark.

  • Saturday – A scheduled rest day to do errands, get things done around the house.
  • Sunday – A very chilly day but I got some miles in. I ran with Judy who suggested the Nisky Bike Path.  When I saw the coating of snow, I almost bailed on the run (Judy wore Yak Trax; I did not.) But it wasn’t slippery at all and even though it was 15 degrees, I didn’t feel cold at all. It was very pleasant and slow and Judy & I got to chat until the last mile when I decided to need to get some in some speed. Afterwards, we went out to lunch. (I was starving as I didn’t bring any fuel on the run.)

After I got home, I rushed out to the movies with a few friends.

Image result for hidden figures movie

Great movie. Highly recommend it!

 17 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days

This Week:

  • Monday3 mile run with Alyssa, tennis
  • Tuesday – rest day tennis
  • Wednesday4 mile run 
  • Thursday –  rest day
  • Friday4 mile run, mah jongg
  • Saturday rest day
  • Sunday –  10K race
Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin. See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?


15 thoughts on “Running Update 1.2.17-1.8.17

  1. Someone posted a photo of their street with & without knuckle lights — it was a pretty dramatic visual! Just sayin’. Glad I get to run when it’s light, though. I need all the vitamin d I can get — not that I get much all bundled up.


    • Yes, I saw. I know they work. I’m a techie but low maintenance on the runner side (no sticks, worms, etc). If I run at night, I just run where there are lights. I don’t intend to run in the dark (unless I do a Ragnar which I don’t plan to.)

      And I think you have to have skin showing to get the vitamin D benefits from the sun LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh gosh the knuckle are awesome! I have the rechargeable ones. That is what I clip on my belt and hold one. If I had a trail like yours I would be running a lot more in the evening with light!
    Nice job on the mileage and snow run. I don’t know how the heck you run in it LOL


    • They don’t hurt the bottom of your feet. But I did wind up with pain on the side of my foot once. So I hesitate wearing them unless absolutely necessary


  3. I’ve done that before head out on the trails without realizing I would be running part in the dark. But hey it does make us pick up the pace, right:)
    A loaf of bread for an age group, LOVE IT!!! That is at least something tasty to use! Great job!!!


  4. I am totally jinxing myself (and fellow MidWest runners)…but I am kind of craving a snow run. We have the cold weather, but (currently) NO snow to go with it. Somehow it feels a lot colder when there is no snow on theground (?)


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