Trail Running? Oui ou Non?

Since today is Tuesday, I’m  linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner) and you should too.

My Topic today is: Trail Running – Yes or No?

If you said Trail Racing, I would have replied Doubtful.

Until last summer, I was even skeptical about trail running.

But now, it’s a resounding YES!

I am clumsy but I’ve overcome my fear of falling. Just go slow. Duh?

I have gotten over my competitive spirit and don’t care about being last (as long as I don’t get lost.)

Trails tend to be a longer drive away but carpooling with friends makes that doable, as well.

Six Mile Water Works

Each trail is different. Usually scenic. Dirt is easier on the (old) joints.

Tawasentha Park

Where I live, there is a running club (ARE) that organizes weekly trail runs during the summer months.

Indian Ladder Farms

Win-Win on Trail Running.

Huyck Preserve

Can’t wait until they start up again in May!!

Thacher Park

But don’t take my word for it. Here are some posts about the benefits of trail running:

13 Incredible Benefits of Trail Running

I’m linking up also with this new link-up:

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Happy Running! So what’s your vote on trail running? Please share.


31 thoughts on “Trail Running? Oui ou Non?

  1. You definitely do have to slow down (but even then sometimes you can fall). Most of the time trails are actually more forgiving when you fall than the road — although not always. I just wish there were more less technical ones closer to us.


      • Have you ever run Pine Bush? Most of it is VERY technical.

        The route we did at Five Rivers was nice, although the one time I ran there on my own I guess I picked the wrong route — it was technical and not very scenic.

        Except for Pine Bush, though, all of those are just too far away for me to be able to justify the time most days.

        Saratoga has some possibilities (but in the summer you have to pay to park).


        • I have run Pine Bush but the one I did was not technical at all but I know most are.

          I don’t mind the drive. At night we carpool and then go out to dinner. it’s a late night esp if you have to go to work early the next morning but so fun. The summer is so short…

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  2. I like trail running, too (and racing, but at a slower pace LOL). I just don’t have many options in my area unless I drive somewhere…and I’d rather hit the city streets NOW than take the time to drive.

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    • In the summer, it is light out longer and I don’t mind driving. And I always tun after work. I wouldn’t do in the morning before work unless it was very close by.


  3. I love that you also take on trail runs. In my mind, I picture myself running carefree on beautiful trails. In reality, I have fallen twice and sprained my ankle. I am now kind of scared to try again. The trails will have to be for hiking for me. Thanks in advance for linking up to the Runners’ Round up

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  4. It’s great to see how much you enjoy trail running. Me, I’m still on the other side of the fence about trying it, but it’s hot and humid and mosquito-y here, plus I’d probably trip over tree roots. Haha, I think I’ll stay on my side of the fence.


  5. There are so many great reasons to run on trails! We dont have any here that are convenient so I just run on the streets. But I kind of wish I could get on some trails once in awhile!
    Thanks for linking up!

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