Runfessions February (a day late)

It’s that time again.   Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice
I runfess…
I gave up coffee a few years ago. I was hoping that as a result, I would sleep better. (and that’s debatable.)
I still drink herbal tea every morning but mid morning, I started cheating.  Now I can’t stop!!
I work across the street from Starbucks and from my app, I can order a coffee and it is ready before I get there.  I don’t have to wait on that long line. Less than 5 minutes away from my desk.
#StarbucksAnonymous. I need you.
I runfess…
I bought a FitBit because I was sitting too much at work.  I thought it would motivate me to get up and move around,  And it did at the beginning.
Now I only check to see how much (or how little) I’ve slept.
The light blue is when I am awake at night.   Yes, I am obviously very restless..
Does anyone really get 8 hours of sleep?
I runfess…
My drawers/closets are full. I need no more running clothes!!!
So why did I just buy another SkirtSports skirt?
It was a new print.  I couldn’t help myself!

psyched for the psyched print!

The good news that I was tempted to order other things and I did not….
I runfess…
 I signed up for a half marathon on March 13 and another on May 29.
Why am I thinking about another one in between?

April 24 – a different company runs this one than when I ran it in the freezing rain in 2011


May 15 – this one is new (but it maybe a double loop course which turns me off)

 Someone just posted about this one:

May 14 – another new one and great cause

 My Facebook friends are such enablers!!
Happy Running! What do you have to runfess?

25 thoughts on “Runfessions February (a day late)

  1. You are crazy for giving up coffee!! Hi, my name is Jessie and I am addicted to Coffee 🙂 For the last month I did however give up Starbucks and I terribly miss it… I’ve always wondered what the benefits or why people by running skirts? I see a lot of women wear them over leggings or something and I never understood why. To me, it seems like extra clothing you have to wear.


    • My skirt is part of the tights or capris so it is one piece. Very comfy. And I love the pockets under the skirt. I love Starbucks coffee. If only I didn’t work so close by.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Better off drinking the coffee in the morning and switching to tea later on.

    Your sleep patterns actually look fairly similar to mine, only my guess is I actually spend more time in light sleep than deep sleep most nights (which might explain being tired most of the time).

    I don’t think you need Starbucks Anonymous — Halfs Anonymous, now that’s a different story.


  3. Are you doing the SPAC 10k? It’s not a double loop. It’s a nice course, but there is a hill at the end of the 6th mile.

    I ran the Lake George half last year and will probably do it again this year. Super hilly, but a pretty course. Not a lot of people ran it last year, but I think it’s because it used to be run by a sketchy race company. The one that does it now did a good job.


  4. I don’t like double loop races either. I get so bored.
    I signed up for the Paris half marathon next weekend but I have to travel for work. Mexico + Florida or Paris Half ? I’ll take the work trip !


  5. That is a very cute skirt 🙂
    I am trying to drink more tea, but it doesn’t seem to help my sleep. Some weeks just seem to better than others.
    I love it, why not sign up for another half in between lol


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