Friday Five: Enjoying a Race-cation

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I love racing and I love traveling so my “misc.” topic for this Friday is Five Ways to Enjoy a Race-cation.

Well, I do do this several times a year and I just got back from one, so here are my tips:

  1. Throw Your Diet Out the Window

I know you want to eat healthy and you have a race planned.  But limiting what you can eat and/or drink is NO FUN!


martini #1


martini #2

I am not a big drinker.  I rarely drink except for special occasions. But isn’t a race-cation a special occasion?


Homemade rum raisin ice cream = JOY


best bread pudding ever!!! so worth the calories!

I don’t eat sweets at home but on vacations, I like to splurge. I did run 131. miles, right?

    2. Squeeze in a run or two.

Yes, you are tapering.  But you’ll be testing out the weather conditions and it will help you relax.


I pretended that it was warm enough to wear a tank during my race…I was wrong.

I also like to take a short run as a recovery.


It’s also an excuse to wear your race shirt.

  3. Take lots of walks to explore the area and enjoy your new scenery.

You can’t run all the time.  Especially if you with others who do not share your love of running. So I like to find places to visit where I can walk, such as beaches.


walking along the beach in Boca Grande


walking along the beach in Anna Maria Island


walking tour of downtown Sarasota


walking through the Ringling Museum grounds

Or I just get up early and go for a walk by myself.


walk to the grocery store

 4.  Plan activities that you enjoy.

It’s not just a race.  It’s also a vacation.   I love art, animals, gardens, lighthouses, beaches and sunsets.  Luckily my hosts usually like these things too.


It’s even beautiful when it’s windy & cold.


Chihuly exhibit – perfect for a rainy day.


millennial tree path at the Ringling grounds


visiting the Boca Grande lighthouse


lots of bird watching ops


sunset over the Gulf – awesome

5. Be flexible.

Plans often go awry.

There’s the weather, of course.   Schedule changes.  Transportation problems. I’ve encountered them all.


Bring something to do during down time such as knitting or a book to read.


Pack an umbrella…


Unexpected guests arrive – so you go out to lunch…

Happy Running! Any other tips for enjoying race-cations?



20 thoughts on “Friday Five: Enjoying a Race-cation

  1. Your first item on the list made me laugh. Normally I ignore any diets or moderation on vacations but racecations are usually an exception for me actually. Especially if it’s a goal race, I’m on my best behavior at meal times. But if it’s a fun trip, I’ll relax my diet a bit. That Chihuly glass is gorgeous.


  2. Great tips! I like to plan my race toward the beginning of a race-cation because I do feel like I have to watch what I eat/drink before the race. But once the race is over… time for margaritas! And I definitely agree with walking and planning enjoyable activities. That also helps ensure I keep moving after the race since that’s better for recovery anyway 🙂


  3. I have seen a lot more than my husband on most vacations by early morning walks/runs.

    Even on vacation, I have to be careful what I eat. But there’s always some room for indulgence, too, especially if I’ve run a half!

    In fact, I always check out yelp beforehand and know a few places I’d like to go.


      • Have you ever noticed how hard it is for people to recommend a restaurant? Geez, it causes so much anxiety it’s almost funny!

        I use yelp, and I will also search on what I want and the city. For instance, I found this awesome pierogi place for on the way back from Heartbreak.

        Dessert pierogi! They were awesome.

        I can see how you need to go with the flow while visiting, but having a few suggestions up your sleeve can’t hurt.


  4. I was in Sarasote a year ago end of Feb. and I froze ! It was so cold, I didn’t want to believe it would be that cold in February !
    Great tips and love your pictures.


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