December Recap & Ultimate Coffee Date December

 Since today is the first Saturday in January,  I am joining up with CocoDeborah, and Lynda for their ultimate coffee date.
The Ultimate Coffee Date

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that December just flew by. It seems like I was just writing my goals and now it’s January.

Over coffee…

As I have done every month, I would tell you how I did on my December Goals.

December Goals:

  • Run 3-4 times each week (no matter how cold it gets.) YES!

I continue to run 3-4 miles during the week trying to vary my running courses.


near work




  • Walk while at work especially on rest days. NOT REALLY.

I got lazy! And we had a warm December too.

  • Continue long runs on the weekend to train for half marathon #17 on February 7. YES!






  • Complete a 5k race under 29 minutes. One YES and one NO.



29:54 😦

  • Complete a half marathon under 2:20. NOPE!

2:29:14 (heat, wind & humidity – UGH!)

  • Run at least 85 miles. YES!


  • Continue going to yoga. YES!

I went to Heartspace twice.


  • Avoid gaining weight (while attending holiday parties) ??? Doubtful.
  • Spend time with my mentee. YES!

I saw her & the kids on Christmas Day and we also went to Canvas, Corks & Forks to celebrate her birthday.



  • Start knitting again. YES!

I started knitting a lace infinity scarf.


Over coffee…

I would update you on all the other things that I have done this past month (that don’t relate to running.)

  • I had a great time in Florida visiting my friends as part of my race-cation. I spend time in both Delray Beach and Jupiter seeing the sites (despite the awful weather.)

image image

  • I went to NYC with my friends  We saw all the store windows decorated for the holidays and did walking tour of the best food in Greenwich Village.


Over coffee…

I normally would now outline my January goals.

January Goals:


I’ll write about my NO GOALS 2016 in a later post.

Happy Running! How was your December?  Anything exciting planned for January? What would you share with me over coffee?









16 thoughts on “December Recap & Ultimate Coffee Date December

  1. I’d say you did amazing with your goals! Wow you already have snow there roo. We had a really warm fall but I think that is coming to an end. Good luck with your half! Thanks for joining us for coffee and hope to see you again soon


  2. Great accomplishments, Darlene! I truly need to get my feet back on the pavement. It’s been a busy year. Happy New Year! Hope you fulfill all your running goals in 2016!


  3. Darlene, great wrap up for the year. I would love to learn to knit. Maybe I need to take that on as something I have never done. I love cozy scarves and socks. Thank you for having coffee. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


  4. Yo did so well with your mileage!
    I know I am gained, I am trying to hit the reset button now lol
    You will get that sub 2:20 – I feel good vibes for February 🙂 and you have been running a lot!


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