Friday Five & HMRRC Winter Series #2 Race Recap

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My “fitness” topic for this Friday is Five Reasons I decided to start the year off with a race

  1. I ate too many holiday treats. Didn’t you?
  2. My New Year’s Eve was not that exciting.  No partying this year. Barely stayed awake til midnight.
  3. The race was free. It is for all HMRRC members.
  4. I needed to get in a weekday run anyway.
  5. I haven’t run a 3.5 mile race since 2010. This race could potentially be a PR?

That being said, I did race today… and here’s my recap:


January 1, 2016

Every year, the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club puts on the Winter Series, a series of free races for its members ($5 for non-members). On New Year’s Day, starting at noon, they offer the Hangover Half or 3.5 mile Bill Hogan Run as Winter Series #2.

Last year, I ran the Hangover Half (as a training run.)


and it was a very cold one

This year, I wasn’t that crazy.

I decided to run only 3.5 miles.

For New Year’s Eve, my hubby and I had a quiet evening – just dinner out and a movie. We usually go Lake George on New Year’s Day and to a party but my hubby didn’t want to and I was fine with it (cuz I secretly wanted to do this race.)

We had been enjoying unseasonably warm winter weather. Well, that ended. But it still wasn’t that cold today.  (I just wore a shirt, vest and NO jacket.)

I arrived at UAlbany early and was surprised at how many people were running on New Year’s Day. It helped that the race didn’t start until noon so even if you did party for New Year’s Eve, you could still race this one.

There were over 300 running the half marathon and a little less running the 3.5 miler.

I bumped into many runners that I knew from racing and my running friends, Judy & Barbara.


We hung out inside and chatted until the race began.

Judy went out to warm up and Barbara & I started the race together.

We wound up chatting with another runner that was doing her first half marathon.  Not paying any attention, we started way in the back (and the race was not chip timed.)


at the beginning

I weaved in and out to get past the slower runners.  I left Barbara behind (but not for long.)


This course is not flat.  There are annoying hills throughout.

I did pass Judy (who started in front) but she wasn’t paying attention to me when I waved at her.

I kept up a decent pace for the first 2 miles.

Barbara quickly passed me and got farther and farther ahead as the race progressed.  But I did try to keep her in my sight.

There were no mile markers but I could hear my Garmin beep.  I really didn’t pay attention to my pace or time.

By mile 3, I was losing steam. So I started to walk in order to maintain some kind of decent pace.  I walked several times including up the last hill.


near the end

Finally, it was over and I was surprised to see that I only barely beat 35 minutes.  (My PR was 33:08 on a flat course in May 2010.)

Mile splits:

mile 1: 9:10
mile 2: 9:05
mile 3: 9:25
.75 – 9:42

Yes, the course was long!! 3.75 not 3.5 miles. My time according to my Garmin was 34:44.

I waited at the finish line for Judy.


I think she had a PR!! As you can see, they hand you a piece of paper and you write down your time.

Then we went inside where I found Barbara.

For a free race, they have great refreshments – vegetable soup, pizza, bread, fruit, cookies, hot cocoa.

And I had all of the above.


I waited around for awhile with some other runners.  They give 10 year AG awards to the top 2.  I think I was 6th.

Since I was dressed to run and not tired, I decided to do my usual campus loop.

Well, I usually run it in the dark.  It is so different during the day.


never noticed this path & stripe


I found a new path – the Indian Lake trail (It’s not lit up at night.)




Then I continued on my normal path but it had started to snow.


I enjoyed running with the flakes falling on my head and finished up 3.5 more miles.

7 miles complete and off to do some grocery shopping before my weekly mah jongg game.

So a race and a run – what a perfect way to start off 2016!!


Happy Running! Did you race today?  If not, when is your first race of 2016?



6 thoughts on “Friday Five & HMRRC Winter Series #2 Race Recap

  1. Definitely a great way to start off the new year. race seasons practically comes to a halt here in January and Feb, so no New Year’s Day races to choose from. I did go for a walk though and there were TONS of runners out, so I am sure a race would get a lot of followers… Happy running to you in 2016 !


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