Thinking Out Loud Thursday: NYC, Last Race for 2015

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

You must think I go to NYC all the time.  But for some reason, I have gone there 7 times this year.

Of course, each time is different. Twice I even went to run.

June – 2 museums


boat ride & highline


Oct – high line & Broadway show


Oct – Brooklyn & half marathon


Oct – 5k & Central park run


Nov – high line & Broadway

So on Sunday, I went to the Big Apple for the last time this year – to experience the holidays there – no better place, in my mind.

For my friends (& hubby), I get to be the tour planner, which means I pick whatever I want to do. (Perfect, right?)

We took the Megabus from Albany to NYC and then walked umpteen blocks to have brunch (stopping on the way to view the holiday windows.)


Macy’s windows – Snoopy theme

We ate at KTCHN and it was very good.

on 42nd & 11th


shrimp omelet

After brunch, we continued walking around the city.


Lord & Taylor

Bergdolf Goodman

real ice at Barney’s

being photobombed at Bloomies

We viewed the windows at Lord & Taylor, Saks, Barneys, Bergdolf Goodman, Bloomies and more. This is the map we followed (Thanks Shawna!)


You’ll notice that the coats came off quickly.  It was 65 degrees!!! On Dec 13 – incredible.  It certainly didn’t feel like Christmas.

So we stopped on the way so I could have an ice cream cone to celebrate the summer-like weather.


candy cane ice cream – yum!

This was tempting but …


Our next stop was Greenwich Village for the 2 hour Great Food Tour of NY.

Here’s the itinerary:

  • Pizza Authentic Tuscan style thin-crust pizza from Bleecker St Pizza,’The best pizza in NYC!’
  • Deli Faicco’s is, for many New Yorkers, synonymous with sausage. You’ll taste why. 
    Macaron Bisous, Ciao, a minimalist bakery specializing in colorful French-style macarons in traditional & seasonal flavors.
  • Coffee Porto Rico Importing Co. has been serving the finest coffees in the world since 1907
  • Bagel Bagel’s on the Square, a long time favorite bagel place for New Yorkers in the know
  • Cupcake At Molly’s Cupcakes you can create your very own cupcake. Pick a cake flavor, choose a frosting and then dress it up with tasty toppings. Made right in front of you. Yummy!
  • Falafel Mamoun’s Falafel, an NYC institution since 1971. Try their hot sauce if you dare, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

We took the subway which got us to the start of the tour in no time.  There were too many people signed up so they hired another guide and split the group in half.  Our guide was Walter, the one I had for my Little Italy Food Tour in October and I was thrilled.


who would have thought it would be warm enough to eat outdoors in December??

He was great.  We learned a lot about the history of Greenwich Village and sampled lots of good food.



yea, the best pizza ever!!!


NYC bagel!!!


delicious macarons

I don’t have more pics because we devoured the food too quickly.

It was 5 pm when the tour was over so we hopped a subway and headed uptown to continue our holiday in NYC experience – We had to see the tree at Rockefeller Plaza.

We got off at Times Square and walked…I have never seen the city so crowded. Sunday night? Not during school vacation. What gives?


Anyway, we struggled through the crowds to catch a glimpse. And yes, it was worth it.


As we were leaving, we ran into even more crowds on Fifth Ave. There was a sound and light show going on at Saks. What a wonderful surprise!!


We watched it and then continued walking toward Penn Station to catch our train home. What an long, tiring but fun day!!!

What does this have to do with running?

24,000 steps and 10 miles of walking!! That’s what!

Now I have ONE more race for 2015.

#38. That’s what happens when I am not injured. It would have been 40 but I missed 2 races due to flight cancellations.

Dec 19 – 5 pm

This a fun one. It sold out with 1700 runners. The race starts with fireworks and most runners are dressed in festive attire as you run through the lights in the park.

last year

I always enjoy this race even though the weather often does not cooperate.  The unseasonably warm weather has ended but hopefully it will be dry.

Last year in the rain, I finished at 29:02 and won 3rd in my age group.  However, as you know, anything can happen.

It’s not a flat course but it is a fun one.  I plan to finish upright (yes, I did fall one year) and end the year with with a good racing effort.

Happy Running! Ever been to NYC for the holidays?  Do you run a holiday-themed race? What are thinking about today?








21 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: NYC, Last Race for 2015

  1. STOP you were at KTCHN?! that’s directly across from my apt building!! haha i walk past it almost every day but have never eaten there (and it’s the view from my gym!). hilarious. glad you love the city so much and had such a great time on Sunday — too bad we didn’t get to meet up. next time let me know for sure.


    • no kidding. Now I know where you live. It was a busy day. Next time, for sure.It’ll probably be in the spring. I didn’t get into the NYC half, sigh. And I’ll be away for the Brooklyn Half. 😦


  2. How awesome to make it to NYC 7x this year! You’re right: there’s nothing like it. My fondest memories are running NYCM of course and skating under the tree at 30 Rock. Bummed to hear you didn’t get into the NYC half. : (


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