Shamrock 5K Race DNS

shamrock 5k

Come join us for a wild 5K dash in beautiful Downtown Palm Springs. Chase that pot of gold to the end of the rainbow and receive a beautiful finisher medal. Registration includes a St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt, festive eyeglasses, green pancakes and a free photo download! Costume contest with great prizes!


Leaving the frigid NE for warm dry California weather…Running with my friend Mary again…Seeing scenery like this…


This race was just the icing on the cake.

Since it was a St. Patrick’s day race, I planned to wear as much green as I owned:

my new skirt

I got this a few years ago

these are a few years old also

with a black tank and black compression socks. Cute but not contest worthy!

Well, it never happened!!!

I got up yesterday morning at 4:30 am to find out that my first flight (to Philly) was cancelled. The weather was clear in Philly but they had had bad weather all week. So who knows why?

Needless to say, I was big time bummed!!!

The earliest that they could re-book was today and get to Palm Spring (on 3 long flights) in the evening.

Yes, miss the race!! 

At least it was only a 5K and not a big race that I had been training for.

Still a bummer!

So instead I went to work EARLY and went for a run after work. Since it was earlier than usual, I went to the bike path and hoped I could find some dry spots.


not here


not here either


here’s some

Well, in two parts, I managed 3.5 miles.

Good-bye snow and ice for a while.  My next running pictures should look very different.

Happy Running! Did your travel plans ever interfere with a race?





9 thoughts on “Shamrock 5K Race DNS

  1. Oh no Darlene – what a bummer! But at least you still get to go & enjoy some CA sunshine. Just think of me looping around my parents’ neighborhood in the teens . . .


  2. Ugh what a bummer! When I ran the Carlsbad half my flight was cancelled until the next day due to blizzard but I did make it there in time for the race. My flight HOME from MCM was cancelled due to Hurricane so thankfully that was not affected either. The first three months of the year here are so tricky for travel.


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