Good News

I have arrived in Palm Springs.

And it is sunny and warm.


view from Mary’s condo in la Quinta

Mary and I are planning to run/hike on the Bump N Grind Trail today:


I was able to re-book my return flight to stay an extra day.  I will now be able to attend the BNP Paribas Tennis Championship at Indian Wells.  The first round of the women matches takes place on Wednesday and I am now leaving on Thursday.

Really, I am hopeful of catching men like Federer, Nadal, Djokovic practicing.


last year on centre court of the new Stadium #2

But my big news is:

vcm relay

AJH,who was lucky enough to get into the NYC Half Marathon lottery, also got into the Vermont City Marathon Relay and we are running it a 2-person team.

I have heard that this is an awesome race and though I was not planning on running another half marathon, I am so excited to be part of it.

Happy Running! Any good news to share?



4 thoughts on “Good News

  1. You certainly will be enjoying some beautiful weather with sunshine the next few days. Enjoy the tennis….the smaller tournaments are great for tennis viewing, especially when the pros are practicing on the side courts. Congrats on getting into the Vermont City race….very exciting! No running news from me, except I got through my 17 mile training run on Saturday, does that count?


  2. Awesome dry air you are enjoying!! I am jealous 🙂 I just commented on your WW pic and thought is was California where you were headed!!
    A two person relay sounds very fun!!


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