Happy Birthday Skirt Sports

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Since this week, it happened to the Skirt Sports’ 14th birthday, this is my topic:

Five Reasons to Wear Skirt Sports

1.ALL women can wear them.

I mean it. They were designed for this reason. There is a skirt for all body shapes and all ages and all preferences.

2. They are practical.

Who doesn’t need pockets?  I always carry ID, my phone, fuel, tissues etc.  And if you wear a skirt, the pockets (or bulges) are hidden 🙂

spent the whole day walking around NYC in that my gym girl ultra skirt. Pockets full.

There are skirts for all temps.  Cool It skirts for the summer, capris for the fall and spring, Wonder Wool and tights for the winter.

Lotta Breeze capris and Peek-a-Boo top

Go the Distance tights under my reflective skirt

Tough Girl skirt (built in tights)

3. They are not just for running.

You can wear them to work and to dress up.  You can also wear them for hiking, biking, playing tennis, yoga, etc.

Lotta Breeze capris for hiking

Wonder Girl tank and Gym Girl Ultra skirt for tennis

Mod Quad skirt (and Wonder Girl tank) for  a walk with my girl friends

Elizabeth is wearing her Take Five tank (under a blazer) and Wonder Wool skirt on an evening out

4. They sell not only skirts.

You can buy their dresses, jackets, capris, tights, shorts, caps and more!!

Wonder Girl dress

Wonder Wool jacket

5. They are cute and make us look good!!!

If you look good, you feel good. It’s just that simple.

Wonder Girl and Take Five tanks with Gym Girl Ultra skirts 🙂

Whenever I race, I always get compliments on my skirt.

Lioness skirt and Free Flow tank

It was hard limiting myself to FIVE reasons.

And Skirt Sport offers many sales. In fact there’s one that ends this weekend.

If you miss it, there will be another or you can use my code 128card for 15% off any item.

Happy Running! Do you wear Skirt Sports? If not, why not?  If you do, what is your favorite item?






Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Rock ‘N Roll Montreal 5k and Half Marathon as part of being a Rock n Blogger.

The Older Adult Onset Runner

I say older adult because you are technically an adult when you hit 21.  I did not start running in my 20’s or my 30”s.  Not even in my 40’s.

I was 55 when I started running and almost 60 when I ran my first half marathon.

So how did I become a runner?

In my 40’s, I was going through a really  bad time. I was separated from my husband and a co-worker suggested that we learn to play tennis.

Mind you, I am not athletic.  In fact, I am clumsy and uncoordinated.  In high school, I was a social nerd meaning I liked to read and study but I had lots of friends. The same was true in college.

So my co-worker, Eileen and I took an adult ed class and learned to play tennis.  We were horrible but it was a great distraction from my depressing life at the time.

As with running, I dove into tennis 150%.  I played everyday, joined lots of teams and bought adorable tennis outfits.

group photo at 2.5 Nationals in 2002

The best part of tennis was the friends that I made. And though, I didn’t win often and might have been the worst player on the team, the friendships made during this time turned out to be life long. Plus I met my second husband on the tennis court. (It wasn’t until after we were married that he told me what an awful player I was. Lol)

we even go to Broadway shows together

And then running came into my life.

Ten years later, two of my tennis buddies decided that we should become runners.  My reaction was “Whaaaat? Why?” But I agreed and we signed up for a running class at a local running store. Every Monday, we attended class and afterward, went out for quesadillas and margaritas. Fun. Fun.

with my tennis friends after a race in 2008

As soon as I was able to run a mile, I signed up for a race. And I haven’t stopped since.

Of course at first I wore shorts. I only ran 5ks and but quickly discovered the bond between runners, both virtually and face to face.

After helping a beginning group run their first 5k and seeing them progress to 10k, 15k, 13.1 and 26.2, I decided to (secretly) train for a half marathon.

SRM’ first 5k – 2010

I bought my first skirt and gps watch. The race and the watch were a success but the skirt my hubby remarked made my hips look huge.

check out those loaded pockets

Luckily, I learned about Skirt Sports and haven’t worn any other brand since.

As with tennis, looking good is one of my obsessions.

In addition to the awesome product line, Skirt Sports provides its ambassadors with an amazing supportive network of women runners. I feel so lucky to have been selected as an Ambassador Captain the 4 the year.

Now back to why I run?

  • It’s not to lose weight. I have never had a problem in this area.
  • It’s not to maintain my weight. Even though I am heavier than when I was younger and have gained weight since I started running.
  • It’s not so I can eat more. I still love to eat and I especially have a weakness for pizza and ice cream.
  • It’s not to fill in the void in my life. I work full-time, have a husband and 2 stepsons, and many hobbies.

Running makes me happy. That’s it plain and simple.

  • I am happy when I finish a run or race.

  • I am happy when I reach a goal.

a half marathon PR at age 64

  • I am happy when I find a new route or visit a new city.

over the Hutchinson Island Bridge in FL.

  • I am happy when I make a new running friend.

Why has running replaced tennis as my sport Numero Uno?

When you run, you don’t have to worry about the score and disappointing the team or your partner. Running is not about winning and losing. You don’t have to schedule court time and you don’t need 3 other players (at the same ability level) in order to play.

You just get out there and RUN.

Running fits better with my life and as an older adult onset athlete, I am so glad to have started running ten years ago and at age almost 65, I plan to continue for as many more years as my health lets me.

completing half marathon #30 and winning an age group award

I’m also linking this post with Susie and Rachel and Debbie and Lora for the Running Coaches’ Corner.

Happy Running! When and why did you start to run? Do wear Skirt Sports clothing?

SkirtSports Gym Girl Ultra Review and Giveaway Winner

Even if I weren’t a SkirtSports Ambassador Captain, I would say that the Gym Girl Ultra is my favorite skirt.

I have tried other brands, this one keeps coming out on top.

Here’s why:

  • It is practical.


It has 2 pockets – one on each side.  They are hidden under the skirt.  And they are big enough to fit your phone, key, fuel, etc.


lots of stuff for a half marathon hidden in those pockets here.

Plus, if you like to listen to music on the run, there is music port that allows you to run your headphone cord from your skirt pocket.

  • It is comfortable.


It’s long enough to cover but not too long. I am 5’4″ and it’s perfect on me (It is about 13.5″ long in the front and 14.5″ in the back.) The shorts (which are about 5″ long) don’t ride up and the waist band is tight enough so the skirt doesn’t fall down (even with stuff in the pockets.)  No chafing either.


  • It looks good.


What you look like matters, right? I can’t tell you how many compliments I have gotten on my GGU skirts.

You can choose a solid colored skirt





or  designs in a variety of colors.

escape print

tantrum print

safari print

Walkway Half Marathon

exotic print

VCM Relay

streak print

And there are so many to choose from:


As a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain, I am grateful to have the opportunity to share one of my favorite pieces of running clothes with YOU!  That’s right, one of you will win your very own Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt.



But if you didn’t win, you can use the code SSMFK20 to get 20% off the regular price.

Happy Running! If you won, which design would you choose?






Disclosure:  As a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain, I am happy to share the latest Skirt Sports products and information with you!  Skirt Sports is providing a complimentary Gym Girl Ultra Skirt to one lucky reader.  Also, this post contains affiliate links.

LSD, Boating & Mah Jongg

It was a busy weekend but I got it all in.

First what I thought would be a long solo long run on Saturday turned out to be with a nice run with Judy.  She decided not to run with her running group so I lucked out.

We picked the Nisky Bike Path since it was convenient for both of us.  Judy thinks that she runs too slow for me but for long distances, I struggle with speed so I was fine with her company.


before our run

The weather was perfect for running – sunny but not too warm.

We started in the opposite direction from my last long run here.


I was running naked – no Garmin, no running app on my phone.  Nada. I had no idea of my pace.  No idea of distance. So relaxing.  Judy was in charge.  I did what she planned. We ran 4 minutes and then walked for 30 seconds.

I am used to running a lot faster and walking more often and longer.  So sometimes I just slowed up to take photos and ran fast to catch up to her.

Running with someone else and chatting definitely made the miles go by faster.

At 4 miles, we turned around and headed in the opposite direction.


We passed our starting point and continued about 2 miles before we turned around again.

Finally we were done – 11 miles!

We walked a bit and chatted and then I asked Judy to take my photo running.


Yes, I chicked these guys.


Since we still weren’t at our starting point yet, I decided to run some more to get closer to my planned 12 miles. I think  I got to 11.5.

Then we took photos at this NEW gazebo.


So  happy to finally have a good long run!

I felt great after this run. Not tired at all. I didn’t even break a sweat.  Nothing hurt. (I did get a blister but didn’t notice it until I took off my sock.)


passed this twice so had to take a pic

Maybe the pace was too slow but it felt so nice to not feel like dying during a long run and to not to have to worry about pace or distance.  Thanks Judy!!

After the run, I was off to meet my hubby who was waiting for me on our boat.

In front of marina, there were wood boat races so we hung out for awhile and watched.


Then we headed out and hung out and relaxed on an island.


The plan was for we to head up to Schroon River to spend the rest of the weekend with my mah jongg ladies. But when I got there, they were leaving. There was NO water!  My hubby came up to see if he could fix it but he could not. So we went out to dinner and headed back to our boat. So disappointing!!

Today, it was sunny again but a lot cooler. I think swimming on the lake is over for the season.


we are following our friends boat

We decided to get sites on a picnic island with 2 other boats, barbecue and spend the day there.


No mah jongg but still an enjoyable day.

Happy Running! How was your weekend?


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