Happy Birthday Skirt Sports

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Since this week, it happened to the Skirt Sports’ 14th birthday, this is my topic:

Five Reasons to Wear Skirt Sports

1.ALL women can wear them.

I mean it. They were designed for this reason. There is a skirt for all body shapes and all ages and all preferences.

2. They are practical.

Who doesn’t need pockets?  I always carry ID, my phone, fuel, tissues etc.  And if you wear a skirt, the pockets (or bulges) are hidden 🙂

spent the whole day walking around NYC in that my gym girl ultra skirt. Pockets full.

There are skirts for all temps.  Cool It skirts for the summer, capris for the fall and spring, Wonder Wool and tights for the winter.

Lotta Breeze capris and Peek-a-Boo top

Go the Distance tights under my reflective skirt

Tough Girl skirt (built in tights)

3. They are not just for running.

You can wear them to work and to dress up.  You can also wear them for hiking, biking, playing tennis, yoga, etc.

Lotta Breeze capris for hiking

Wonder Girl tank and Gym Girl Ultra skirt for tennis

Mod Quad skirt (and Wonder Girl tank) for  a walk with my girl friends

Elizabeth is wearing her Take Five tank (under a blazer) and Wonder Wool skirt on an evening out

4. They sell not only skirts.

You can buy their dresses, jackets, capris, tights, shorts, caps and more!!

Wonder Girl dress

Wonder Wool jacket

5. They are cute and make us look good!!!

If you look good, you feel good. It’s just that simple.

Wonder Girl and Take Five tanks with Gym Girl Ultra skirts 🙂

Whenever I race, I always get compliments on my skirt.

Lioness skirt and Free Flow tank

It was hard limiting myself to FIVE reasons.

And Skirt Sport offers many sales. In fact there’s one that ends this weekend.

If you miss it, there will be another or you can use my code 128card for 15% off any item.

Happy Running! Do you wear Skirt Sports? If not, why not?  If you do, what is your favorite item?






Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Rock ‘N Roll Montreal 5k and Half Marathon as part of being a Rock n Blogger.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Skirt Sports

  1. For summer (especially this summer!) it was the Cool It Skirt — and not just because it helps cool you off, because it’s so comfortable (and 4 pockets). For winter, Wonder Wool. Very excited about new colors coming out!


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