What Happened From Ages 65-70?

I borrowed this idea from Judy and Donna when they turned 60 and 50, respectively.

I have already posted about ages 60-64. (You can read it here.)

Now I’ll talk about the last 5 years of this decade:

Age 65 (May 2018)

  • In May, I ran one of my bucket list races – Brooklyn Half Marathon. It rained but it was important because my finish time from this race qualified me for another bucket list race – NYC Half Marathon (and also NYC Marathon but I didn’t realize it at the time).

hoping the rain would stop… it never did!

  • In June, one of my favorite races got replaced (after 40 years) with a new 15k.

lake finish, ice cream, age group award!!

  • In September, we took our 2nd Sole Sisters race-cation.

I did the 5k and the half.

  • I also ran a 5k PR at a race on Governor’s Island.

hanging with Cari post race

  • In October, I finally ran a race in Paris (my favorite city in the world!!)

a dream come true!

  • I also ran a 10k in Central Park, NYC.

I had no idea that I would actually get into this race…

  • In November, I ran the hilliest half ever with Alyssa.

  • In February, I ran a rainy half marathon in Florida and injured my calf afterward.

  • In March, I ran the NYC Half Marathon (and hooray, I was pain-free).

  • In April, I ran the first annual local (downhill) half marathon. And my finish time qualified me to run the 2020 NYC half and full marathons. (Neither one happened due to COVID).

  • Also in April, the Sole Sisters took over NYC.  And we ran a fun 15k in Brooklyn.

Age 66 (May 2019)

  • In May, I ran a fun new half marathon near an upstate lake.

won my first (and only) trophy

  • In July, I started training for the NYC Marathon. Lots of miles mixed in with lots of work travel.

  • In September, I visited a college friend in RI and completed a (training) half marathon while there.

so fun meeting Michelle and Kim G. at the race

  • In October, I ran a local half marathon as part of my 20 mile training run.

Did it!! Now taper!

  • In November, I completed my FIRST (and only) MARATHON – NYCM. It was an amazing experience.  And I’m so happy that I took the plunge.

celebrating after with blogger Lacey.

  • In January I ran a frigid (and painful) half marathon in Central Park. I also met up with Cari and Deborah the day before the race.

I may have been smiling but my foot HURT!!

  • In February, I ran my first ZOOMA race. It was so fun and what made it even more special was that racing ended for a long time after that race (due to COVID).

Bloggers can jump!

  • March-April – Race after race was cancelled. Some races were completed virtually.

NYC Virtual Half Marathon

Age 67 (May 2020)

  • May- September- Races still cancelled.
  • In October, my running friends and I had already rented a house in NH and even though our half marathon was cancelled, we decided to go anyway and run it virtually.

matchy matchy in our post race shirts

  • Finally, in November, with many Covid restrictions, a local half marathon was held.

so happy to race again!!

  • I missed NYC so much that I decided to go there for the weekend in December and run a 5k.

  • My first plane trip in a year was in February to visit friends in Florida and run a half marathon.

with all the precautions and a heat wave, I still enjoyed it

Age 68 – May 2021

  • In July, I ran a fun July 4th race for the first time and it was a 4 mile PR!

  • In August, there was a surprise meet-up with runners whom I ran a half with in Philly back in 2014.

  • In October, my running friends and I decided on a re-do race-cation in NH.

wearing matching shirts has become a tradition and as is a jumping pic

  • In December, I ran the Albany Last Run for the last time. They discontinued this 5k around the holiday lights in the park. 😦

  • January – April. Obviously trying to make up for lost COVID racing time.

Three NYC races!! A Florida race and a Local Half (and too many others to mention.)

Fred Lebow Half (NYC)

post-race meet up with blogger, Jenny (in Fla.)

Central Park Half (NYC)

H2H Half

  • In early May, I ran a 5k in a costume!

Age 69 – May 2022

  • In June, I participated in my favorite local 5k for the 15th time.

  • Slowing down didn’t prevent me from participating in several 5k races. I even won an age group award in each (which is easier when you are my age!!)
  • In September, October, and November I ran a half marathon.
  • In October, the half marathon was part of another fun race-cation with my running friends.  This time in Maine.

  • You know I couldn’t resist a trip to NYC so I ran a RAINY 15k there in December and ran with Cari in Central Park in January.
  • There was also a winter escape to Florida in February where I was supposed to run my first of FOUR scheduled half marathons.

Instead, I fell and broke my foot.

Running and racing came to an abrupt halt.

Not the best way to end this decade…

Age 70 – May 9, 2023

Who knows?

Hopefully a lot of races and runs and race-cations (and age group awards!!) … and most importantly good health and good friends!!


**Just re-read my post about Ages 60-64 and realized that I started and ended the decade with a broken 5th metatarsal of my left foot!!!! What are the odds?

Happy Running!  Do you have a milestone birthday coming up?  If so, what has been the “running” highlight of the last decade? Please share.







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14 thoughts on “What Happened From Ages 65-70?

  1. I haven’t said this yet so here it is. You are so cool and you inspire me so much! Sadly for now I don’t plan to get back to running anytime soon, for various reasons, but many times your comments have given me a boost to get back to it because you’ve proven it’s possible to run even if you’re older. Doing all these races at 60+ and always coming back from injuries, you’re amazing. I hope you’re having a lovely birthday, and I wish you many more years of running.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, you’re aging up and will probably enjoy your new AG. A lot of people don’t like getting older, but I’m proud to still be out there running. My next BIG birthday isn’t for three years- the first part of this decade was pretty rocky for me. I’m hoping the next three years will be epic though.
    Training for the NYC marathon again will be the perfect way to start this decade- I’m excited to see what this year will bring for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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