Weekly Run Down for 4.30.23-5.4.23: Vacation Time!!

I am always so excited for this vacation… every year since 2005…. There’s running, playing tennis, relaxing on the beach, eating out, drinking cocktails and fun times/laughter with 9 great friends!!



It’s not a coincidence, that usually I celebrate my birthday during this trip (May 9) but this year, I will enter a new age group!!!

Last Week:

  • Sunday – Re-Scheduled Long Run Day due to Saturday’s rainy forecast.  Barbara agreed to accompany me on 9 of my 12 miles.  And the rain stopped!!

It was muggy but so happy to have that run behind me

  • Monday – I went to the gym in the morning and then I had the afternoon off from work.

The plan was to hike in MA. with my running friends, have lunch, and see more tulips.

We got so lucky that the rain stopped before we left and stayed dry all day.

We headed to Stockbridge for a few hikes.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time but plan to return in a few weeks.

Mary V Flynn Trail…next time, the Laura’s fire tower & Ice Glen.

We had a delicious lunch and then we had reservations for the Daffodil/Tulip Fest at Naumkeag.

It was so beautiful (more pics on FB)

Last stop: High Lawn Farms.

I’m glad my friends love ice cream as much as I do

In the evening, I was supposed to attend my weekly FTC mentor assignment. But I got back too late so went for a walk instead.

  • Tuesday – To make up for missed gym visits while on vacation, I tried to go every morning.

just finished before the skies opened up!!

I didn’t plan to run today but since I missed yesterday’s run and rain was in the forecast for Wednesday, I squeezed in one in the ‘hood at lunch.

I finally went to my chiro. It had been YEARS!! Nothing wrong but I thought I should get a tune-up before my big race.

Afterward. I met my BFF for a long mall walk.

  • Wednesday – Another morning at the gym and a run at lunch.

beat the rain again!!

I spent most of the evening packing…

  • Thursday – Our flight was supposed to leave at 5:45am. After several cancellations and delays, instead of arriving around 1 pm, we arrived at 10:30pm. What a disastrous day!!!!
  • Friday-Saturday – I’ll recap the rest of week in my next WRD.

hopefully a lot of photos like this…

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Sunday – Wednesday – run, tennis. beach, FUN, etc.
  • Thursday – run, flight home
  • Friday – GYM, rest day, mah jongg
  • SaturdayLONG RUN (Taper 8-10 miles)
  • Sunday –  rest day, GYM, Mother’s Day

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – What Happened from Ages 65-69? – The Birthday Post (part 2)
  • Friday –  Favorite Running Songs

Happy Running! How is your year of running so far? Training for any big or small races?  Any vacation plans? Do you go to a chiropractor





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24 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 4.30.23-5.4.23: Vacation Time!!

  1. Your travel day sounds terrible! I’m glad you’re in FL for a full week so missing that afternoon wasn’t too much of a disaster. I hope you’re having a great time and doing everything you hoped to on this trip!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I spy the matching Swirlgirl shirt 😉 That makes for a long day when you have an early flight and then airport/flight drama leading to a late arrival!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Traveling is such a challenge these days. I’m sure you were bummed about losing a whole day! But all that stress melts away once you hit the beach.

    I cleaned out all my running gear, but I still have the Swirlgear shirt!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Flight delays make me so edgy. But the rest of the time sounds awesome.
    The boys are taking a big trip out west, but I am staying home. We will do something smaller later in the summer. And we are planning to do something over Spring Break.

    Happy day to my birthday twin!

    Liked by 1 person

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