FFF: 5 Words That Describe Me

This might be the most difficult post ever to write. It is hard to be objective about oneself. Do I pick good traits? Or maybe those where I need to improve?

Well, here are the first five words that came to mind:


I think that this is the most important quality to have to be a good friend. I hope that all my friends think that I am. Thanks to social networking, I have remained in contact with close friends from high school, college, tennis teams, and all of my jobs, in addition to, those whom I see frequently in-person (i.e. my running friends.).


I call it Consistent, others may call it ‘stubborn” or “crazy.” I usually run or walk outside pretty much no matter what.  In the cold, when I don’t feel well or may be a little sore and when conditions are not optimal, I “Just Do It.” I have to say that I am “Consistent” about fitness-activities that I enjoy (walking, running, hiking, tennis,) not about all other activities (such as yoga, strength training, biking, etc.)

I am also a “Consistent” blogger… I guess it’s because I enjoy interacting with my fellow runners 3x a week.


The hardest part about the Pandemic or having a broken foot was sitting still or being stuck indoors.  Pacing in my house is not an ideal way for me to get in steps.  Rest Days for me are days when I can bike, walk or hike instead of a run.


As a child, I was very shy.  I hated to speak in front of class. I still do. I became a teacher and learned to become somewhat comfortable in front of students. I still dreaded those observations. Still do. Yes, I am social and have lots of friends but prefer to interact in a small group. You will never see me recording myself and posting the video for all to see. Never.


I am not sure if this quality is positive or negative.  Positive – I don’t miss out on things by over thinking and hesitating. I just sign up or just go. Negative – somethings that I have done were not good choices or planned out well.

Happy Running! What words would you use to describe yourself? Do you share of these qualities? Please share.







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18 thoughts on “FFF: 5 Words That Describe Me

    • Without social networking, it would not have been possible. Now you can find friends and keep in touch even when you can’t see them face to face.


  1. CONSISTENT is a perfect word to describe you. I know you said before that you’re an introvert, but it’s still surprising to me (but I believe you.)
    I think all your words are positive. Spontaneity is a good thing!

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  2. I agree with your choices of words! I can relate to all of them for myself, too…especially Consistent. I love being active everyday, even if it’s a “recovery” day…being active doesn’t mean over-doing it, it means not sitting idle, LOL.

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