TT: World Majors


One down and FIVE to go…

But this has never been a goal of mine.

If, however, I had a free entry to any of the World Major Marathons, which one would I pick?


While I’d love to visit Tokyo, it’s such a LONG flight.

And I’d also love to travel to Europe so maybe Berlin or London?

I’ve heard that Chicago is a great race (and it’s a short flight away).

The above marathons are lotteries so there would be a possibility of getting in.

So I would to choose Boston.

There is no lottery. You have to run a marathon qualifying time or BQ.

I would never to be fast enough nor do I plan to run many marathons.

It’s also drivable.

125th boston marathon

Happy Running! If you had a free entry to any of the World Major Marathons, which one would you pick? Have you run any yet? Please share.







20 thoughts on “TT: World Majors

  1. I agree, the flight to Tokyo is a little too long- it would be a stressful travel situation to run a race. I’ve already run New York and Chicago. I would also choose Boston. When I was younger I thought I would definitely qualify for Boston someday… now I’m not so sure about that (although never say never!)

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    • I bet you could run 26.2 if you set your mind to it… but you’re doing great with your trail runs… Better to stay healthy and happy.


  2. I’m running my 10th Boston on Monday.
    I hear Berlin is very flat, and it’s in Berlin!
    I really have no urge to run the World Majors. I have a few friends who have done them all and several that are in pursuit.
    I guess I’m lucky that I never caught that bug. Very expensive!

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