Weekly Run Down for 4.2.23-4.9.23: Let the Training Begin…

What am I training for?

The Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 20!!

I’ve decided to skip the April 15th local Half Marathon and volunteer/spectate my friends. (My 3rd half marathon DNS of 2023 😦 )

Last Week:

  • Sunday – Postponed Long Run because it was forecast to rain on Saturday (even though it didn’t). 6 miles with Barbara, Sherry & Stan… my longest run since Feb 6.

Not gonna lie. It was HARD and the insane wind didn’t help.  Grateful to have friends pull me along.

  • Monday – On my day off, I hit the gym first thing…

it was soo windy that I took my walk in the mall (I may have engaged in some retail therapy too.)

and then in the evening, I participated in my 2nd FTC as mentor for the beginner group.

90:90; 3min:3min. Luckily the wind had died down and the temps warmed up…

The one good thing about this new location is that it is not far from Trader Joe’s.

  • Tuesday – Since I was working from home, I could start the day at the gym.

It was rainy in the morning but by afternoon, it had cleared up.  I decided on a rest day since I had run 2 days in a row.

Instead I went for a walk.

  • Wednesday – Teaching live for the next two days so no time for the gym or a run until after work.

I saw this parking lot near where I was working…

not a trail… just a busy road to run on…

It used to be a tradition to have a Seder with my mah jongg friends but couldn’t coordinate it with everyone this year.

 the good old days…

  • Thursday – Same as the day before but I was fortunate to have company for my post work run.

It was raining and I probably would have bailed if it weren’t Stan and Heidi.

a very wet run but at least it wasn’t too cold…

  • Friday – Home again which enabled me to work out in the gym before work.

a new photo location lol

There is finally a few signs of spring at my house … but that wind!!

After work, my friend and I battled that wind for a walk on the rail trail before going out to dinner.

  • Saturday – Long Run! Finally a Saturday without rain in the forecast.

And I had company from Stan for all 8 miles. He was tapering for the H2H half marathon next weekend (I’m just building back…).. and the weather was perfect!

I felt so much better than last week’s run!!

After the run, we joined the others for brunch.

  • Sunday – Easter morning will start with a trip to the gym.

Then maybe a quick family visit since I have to unexpectedly take the train to NYC to sub for a trainer who had a death in the family.

I hope to get in a run/walk in the park after I check into my hotel..

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday – run in NYC, FTC
  • Tuesday – GYM, rest day, train home
  • Wednesday – FTC run
  • Thursday – run w/friends
  • Friday – GYM, rest day, mah jongg chez moi
  • Saturday – volunteer at H2H half marathon
  • Sunday – LONG RUN (10 miles)

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – World Majors
  • Friday –  5 Words That Describe Me

Happy Running! How is your year of running so far? Training for any big races?  Please share.






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28 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 4.2.23-4.9.23: Let the Training Begin…

  1. I think it’s a good idea to skip your upcoming half next weekend since you’re just coming off your injury. I’m sure it was a tough decision, but a wise one.

    No big races for me and my running will take even more of a backseat once the weather gets warm enough for cycling several days a week.

    Happy spring!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was windy for all mine too except for 8 miles yesterday.

      It’s all good since I don’t wear a watch I don’t know or remember if it’s fast or slow or positive splits.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Look at all those gym visits 😉 Sounds like you had a lot of wind to battle last week, and rain! Thankfully, the precip stayed away from us, but the wind was relentless ((again)).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You must be glad to be back running to go out in the rain and the wind! I’m guessing you don’t use those treads at the gym? 😉

    You’ve got time to train smartly and be really ready for the Brooklyn Half—especially if you’re already up to 8 miles. Wow.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was surprised your gym was open on Easter (but I guess it wasn’t after all?) You’re definitely taking advantage of your free membership.
    Your running sounds like it’s going great! You really got it back quickly. You’ll be ready for the half in May.
    Enjoy your bonus time in NYC!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lovely to see you back and strong and ramping up those miles! I have the prospect of being allowed to run for 12 minutes dangling in front of me: I’m not sure after over 2 months out I have the stamina to run for 12 minutes!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s amazing how the stamina leaves. I’m not strong and running 2 min intervals. But I’m grateful to be able to run that.


  6. Awesome week Darlene! Way to get getting yourself to the gym 🙂

    Sounds like a nice choice to volunteer at the April half and focus on the May race as you get back to the mileage after your injury. So happy to see your running pictures again! Congrats on being patient and coming back strong.


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