TT: My Wish List

My list is not about things that can be bought.

In fact it’s pretty personal but I’m sure that many runners can identify with some of my wishes:

    • Quick healing from injuries (especially broken bones.)

    • Dry roads and sidewalks in the Winter to walk/run on.


    • Races that offer a refund or free deferral. Those NYRR races are very expensive!!

    • Endurance that lasts even when you don’t race. IOW, my last run was 10 miles… can I pick up from there rather than starting over? LOL
    • Better sleep when you’re not running. (Hello Insomnia.)

Learn More About the Use of Marijuana for Sleep Apnea

    • No weight gain when you are not running (and eating ice cream. Just kidding)7 factors that prevent weight loss | Health24
    • I know people mean well, but please stop saying:  “At least it’s winter” or “You now have more time for other things.” (Running is my preferred activity and I love running/hiking/walking outdoors in all seasons.) Winter hiking is so beautiful.

❤ frozen waterfalls

Happy Running! So what’s on your list? Please share.







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18 thoughts on “TT: My Wish List

  1. I had a feeling “quick healing” would be on your wishlist. It’s so tempting to say things like “at least it’s winter.” People definitely mean well and are trying to cheer you up, but I think in this situation the best thing a person can say is, “Wow, this really sucks!” Trying to sugarcoat the situation doesn’t help.
    And yes, it’s really frustrating that not running throws everything else off, like eating and sleeping. Keep crossing those days off! Time is passing and that bone is healing.

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  2. So many people think they’re helping when they try to make something positive (to them) out of something negative. Like when there’s a death and people say, “At least they aren’t suffering any more” or “It was God’s will.” Instead of acknowledging yes, this is awful what you’re going through. Life isn’t all positive things all the time. A friend of mine calls it toxic positivity. I hope you get your wishes!

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