TT: 6 Favorites of 2022

Still looking back on last year.

Today’s Topic is to list SIX favorites of 2022

Here you go:

1.Thursday Night Trail (Walks)

These are free and organized by one of our local running organizations. Many folks run these trails but my friends and I last year walked them.  It was so fun to visit different locations each week, chat and often go out for dinner or ice cream afterward.

2. Monday Hikes

Starting in June, I changed my work schedule and so I was able to go hiking every other Monday.  I was lucky to have a friend to join me and we explored different scenic trails, mostly in MA.

3. October Race-Cation

This has become a tradition. Each fall, a group of my running friends and I rent a house for 4 days and run a race together.  In 2022, we traveled to Maine.

4. Local Races.

You all know how I love to race.  But my favorites are the ones nearby where I can share the experience with friends. 2022 was a great year for that… 34 races and over 20 were local.

5. Florida Getaways

I travel to Florida twice a year – in February to visit friends on the east coast and in May to play tennis on the west coast.

I get to see ocean sunrises on one trip and ocean sunsets on the other.

6. Boating and Reading

In the summer months, my hubby and I try to spend every Sunday on our boat on Lake George and my favorite activity is not swimming but to spend the day reading (in my orange chair)!!

Happy Running! So what are some of your favorites of 2022? Please share.








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20 thoughts on “TT: 6 Favorites of 2022

  1. I love all of these (although I’m guess this year’s trip to Florida won’t be making your “Best of 2023” list.) You have a lot of beautiful places to hike and run and really take advantage of them!

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  2. Despite all of the things that went wrong I truly loved my time in Portugal. The Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run lived up to the hype and I always have fun in D.C. with that time not being an exception. Costa Rica was amazing. I loved meeting my friends for our Thursday evening runs. Mentoring with Fleet Feet on Tuesday evenings was also a favorite from 2022.

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    • Sounds like a great 2022. I really want to run in DC at some point.

      Hope you have just as much fun in 2023. Can’t wait to read about your adventures.


  3. You know how to have fun! I love how you spread your happy days throughout the year. That way, you always have something to look forward to!
    I hope that you will soon be back to racing – sorry it didn’t work out with your race last week. Believe me, I know how that feels!

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  4. All of these things sound fabulous. Most of my running is alone and I only ran one race but I did have a great time with my hubby on vacation in Mill Valley. We got to run (part of) the Dipsea Trail, a very well known trail race that actually starts out with about 600 steps!

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