FFF: 5 Self Care Ways to Show Yourself Love

I apologize in advance that the things below may not be healthy or related to running:


I don’t drink soda or snack on junk food but I do enjoy my brunches out with friends and my post-run ice cream!!

2. Wine

Again I don’t drink much or often, but my occasional evening glass of red wine is a relaxing way to end a stressful day.

3. Hair Care

No, I will not let my hair go gray (but no judgment on those who do).

I guess I’m trying not to look 69… LOL

I have my hair cut and colored on a regular basis. And I have no plans of stopping.

4.Nail Care

Like my hair, I always get my nails done on a regular basis…

I wear ANC French so it does last for many many weeks.

5. Matching Clothes

Yes, I’m addicted to having everything I wear match!!

Happy Running! So how you show yourself love? Please share.







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20 thoughts on “FFF: 5 Self Care Ways to Show Yourself Love

  1. Girl, I am so with you on the not going gray! I actually only have a few grays in my hair (I think), but as soon as I saw my first one I started coloring my hair. I was doing it myself for a while, but it was starting to look too unnatural. So, professional hair is as natural as I’m going. I love all your ideas.

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  2. I’m on a gel kick, but otherwise not a mani person. Pedi is a must. I don’t mind the grey and for me (like you, no judging) it is self care. I like it, I don’t give a flying fuck what others think. See also, no makeup. And yes, absolutely on quality time with friends, whether it be running, brunch, etc. You can keep all the wine though


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