Weekly Run Down for 1.22.23-1.29.22: Home Sweet Home

As much as I LOVE NYC, it was nice after two weeks to sleep in my own bed.

Unfortunately, the weather played havoc with my running…but that is life in Northeast during winter.

And there was some cat drama this week.

Last Week:

  • Sunday – I got a lot done today… it was catch up day.

Laundry, cleaning, nails, library, bank, grocery shopping….

I did made time for a hike… although it was muddy, it hadn’t started snowing or sleeting yet.

so peaceful walking along the Normanskill Creek

  • Monday – #Nevermissamonday…. and the 1/2 DAY OFF!

My new work schedule has been working some Monday mornings… this was one of them. I had planned to drive to the office and then run at lunch at UAlbany.

But I woke up to this:

So I decided to work from home and then run at lunch in my neighborhood.

At lunchtime, it was still snowing hard but at least my driveway was cleared.

Finally I got run done in late afternoon. I drove into town thinking the roads would be clearer.  They were but so many puddles that I had to run through the slush on the sidewalks…  Wet wet feet!!

  • Tuesday – Still working from home in the morning hopeful of getting in a dry run at lunch.

warmer and drier than the day before in my neighborhood

I went to the office in the afternoon and then after work, I met my BFF for a long walk around the mall.

  • Wednesday – More snow predicted and a dinner was scheduled with my tennis friends.

The dinner was postponed until next week (even though we didn’t get much snow and it was mostly rain.).

  • Thursday – Still no sun but dry so I hoped to get my run done at lunch.

Work got in the way but after work, I drove into town and finished my run before dark.

it was actually very pleasant… with some light snow falling.

However the day took a turn for the worse…

My hubby accidentally let my kitten outside…

Macch’s latest pic… he is still very skittish but is gradually warming up to both of us...

I hence spent ALL night outside (in the cold) looking for him.

  • Friday – Of course after a sleepless night, I woke up to sunshine for the first time this week. (However, it did cloud up by lunchtime.)

It was a rest day but not very restful.  Though I was working ALL day, at least it was from home so I could continue to search for my kitty at breaks and lunch..

The evening was spent with my mah jongg ladies (after 2 Fridays away.)  Boy was it needed.

  • Saturday Guess who made an appearance at 4am this morning. What a relief!!

Even though I was exhausted after sleepless night #2, it was Long Run Day (11 miles).

How I hate winter running… not the cold temps but the icy snowy paths.

As always, we planned our brunch time and location and did own own thing.

I ran 3 miles on my own and then met Stan and Sherry for 8 more miles followed by brunch with the others.

the sun finally came out at the end of the run…

In the afternoon I met my mah jongg friends for a movie date:

80 for Brady - Movie

It was very entertaining. I did skip dinner out for a trip to Trader Joes and evening at home.

  • Sunday – Winter Series #3 – 5.5k, 15k or 30k.

Obviously after the long run on the previous day, I plan to run/walk with my friend Heidi for the shortest distance.

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday – run
  • Tuesday – rest day
  • Wednesday – run, dinner out with friends
  • Thursday – run
  • Friday –  rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday Long Run (12 miles)
  • Sunday –  rest day

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – What I am Looking Forward to in 2023
  • Friday – Ultimate Coffee Date

Happy Running! How is your year of running so far? Training for any winter big races?  Any snow where you live? Please share.






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34 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 1.22.23-1.29.22: Home Sweet Home

  1. Omg I’m so glad your kitty returned! I’m sure you were worried sick! Props to you for even trying to run in the snowy, slushy conditions. It is a challenge for sure and I am glad to hit the mill on days/weeks like these. We have 7″ of freshly fallen snow so I’ll be in the pain cave today. Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So your cat was gone for TWO DAYS??? You must have been freaking out. I’m glad he’s home safe. Now the question is, does he want to go out all the time or did he get his fill of outside time? He’s such a cutie- I’m sure with a little more time he’ll become affectionate. Orange tabbies usually are.
    Nice job on getting your runs in! You had a lot of obstacles this week but you did it. I guess having an upcoming half marathon is good motivation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. That why I sign up races. I will run!! No matter what.

      Two sleepless nights. He is affective now but took awhile. I told him he’s not ever going out again. Lol


  3. Oh, I’m so glad your kitty returned! I’m dying to see the Brady movie…it looks hilarious! My afternoon run, yesterday, was a slushy mess in the streets, and many of the sidewalks had not yet been cleared. Definitely a great lower-body workout keeping my balance and high-stepping through the snow.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG, was your kitty out for 2 nights? I would have been at my wit’s end! So glad he made it home safely.

    You had a lot of snow this week! I am hoping central Vermont has snow for our ski trip in a few weeks, but otherwise don’t need to see it here. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Glad your kitty came home OK. We are paranoid about ours getting out, although actually they’re not at all interested in the outdoors. I hate running on slippery paths, too, I will tend to forgo my run if it’s really icy, though snow that’s just started falling is usually OK for a bit and I did run on frosty pavements the other day that weirdly weren’t slippery.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m so glad your kitty made it home! I would have been a wreck.

    Yes, this time of year sure makes for challenging runs! You know I’m not a fan of the TM but on Fridays I run before sunrise and I sure don’t want to risk falling. It is what it is.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I get it. I really to make sure I’m on a dry route. I rarely run in the dark.

      Yes. I’m so happy my cat was found. I was so scared he froze to death or got lost.


  7. I’m impressed you’ve been out running in that weather, well done indeed. Brave woman with the icy patches. Do you have special running shoes for running in the winter?
    I’m so glad your kitty came back, what a scare if it’s a young cat that hasn’t been out before!

    Liked by 1 person

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