Running Success (During Pandemic Times)

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

My Topic for today is: Running Success (during Pandemic Times)

In “Normal” times, as runners, we would most likely define SUCCESS with one or more of the following:

  • Completing a New distance such as your first full marathon
  • Attaining a PR (at a distance or a course)
  • Qualifying for a big race (Boston?)
  • Running a bucket list race (like one of the World Majors)
  • Trying a new type of race – a trail race, a triathlon, etc.
  • Returning to racing after an injury

Well, I doubt any of these have occurred this year.

So how do runners now determine success?

  • No Covid-19

Only one of my running friends has gotten this and she recovered. All others including myself are and have been symptom free.

thumbs up for flowers and feeling good

  • Mileage

Since we are all working from home, there is less travel time and thus, more time to RUN. As a result, we are running more miles each month.

my goal had been 84 miles per month and I often didn’t meet it

  • Varied running routes

In order to stay safe, you have had to avoid those non-wearing masked neighborhood walkers or the bikers on crowded bike trails. So you have discovered new places to run such as secluded trails or quiet park paths.

all alone at Zim Smith

  • Virtual Races

No scheduled races has given runners who want to race the ability to sign up and complete a multitude of VIRTUAL races.

Many are even free.

  • Participation in Challenges

In addition to virtual races, you can join a variety of challenges that will motivate you to complete a certain number of miles or kms.


Many of the states have one such as this.

So of course as running goes in 2020, we may want a do over but it always helps to focus on the positives. I’m sure you can find ones that I didn’t even think of.

Yeah, life is hard, but people get through it, why? Because they ...

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Happy Running! How successful has your running year been? Have you had any of the successes mentioned or any others? Please share.

39 thoughts on “Running Success (During Pandemic Times)

  1. Congratulations on the mileage, Darlene 👏🏻👏🏻
    Your friend had Covid19?! I’m glad she recovered and that you are symptom-free. You were good at social distancing.
    This is a reminder for me that we shouldn’t let our guard down when meeting friends.

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    • Actually I never ran with her when she was sick. But we always stay apart when we run and do brunch. I feel very safe out there or I wouldn’t do it.

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  2. My favorite part of pandemic running is not being rushed for my workouts. Before I always had to be done by the time my stepsons left for school, which left just enough time to get out the door for work. Now my mornings are very relaxed and I can run as long as I want to. I don’t necessarily run more miles, but I often run an extra quarter to half mile which adds up over time.


    • My mornings are not relaxed as I have to be online at 8 am. But if I am free, I can just put on my shoes and go for a walk or run. Never could do that before.

      Yes, that extra run, walk or mile does add up. Good for you!


  3. This is a great point on how our measurements for success have changed during the pandemic. I guess one way I measure success now is by planning out my workouts for the week and actually waking up early to do them!

    I’m glad to hear that your friend recovered from Covid and is doing well!


  4. This is so great Darlene. The focus has definitely shifted and even our definition of what success is. I’ve focused a lot more on time trials and speed work and I know that wouldn’t have been my focus without Covid-19. My focus then was on going longer distances and running all the races. But taking time to work on something specific like getting faster — that’s thanks to Covid, LOL!


  5. Although COVID-19 has had many bad effects, a really good thing to come out of it is we’ve all had to reassess what’s really important and what’s not. I typically do a lot of races (I know you can relate LOL), so the past four months have really been out of my realm. But, it has been a fun challenge staying motivated and finding other ways to “race” without an actual race course. And, it has been a nice break from the pressure (and time commitment) to do all the races. Bottom line, COVID-19 may have stripped us of our races, but it has not taken running away.

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  6. I do think this has a been a successful year of running just in a much different way than usual. I’ve been happy to build up my mileage even though my paces have slowed down in this heat!

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  7. The pandemic has definitely caused all of us to pivot. We did have Bermuda though so there’s a bucket lister. I’m glad your friend recovered well. My pandemic project is my YouTube channel.


  8. We have to look for wins wherever we can find them these days. Just getting out for a run is a win for me right now. Pandemic or not, summer is always tough for me when it comes to running.

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  9. My husband and I have remained Covid free as well. And plan to continue that way. Sadly, a friend of ours, a local running legend who held many local age-related running records just passed away last week from Covid. He was 90!

    I finally signed up for my first challenge! It the Tahoe to Malibu Challenge, 700 miles in six months. I’m excited!

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    • Yes. For you running is definitely a win win.

      It’s easier to think about all the things we cannot do. But it won’t change things.

      Keep running. You need to read my post from July 10.


    • I’m done with virtual races. It was a novelty at first. Now if I pay I want a real one.

      Yes I wonder if things will ever be the same.


  10. Sorry your friend was sick but glad they are well now. My goal is to keep myself and my family COVID free. Running hasn’t changed a lot for me, except having Boston cancelled but healthy is more important. Stay well Darlene! 🙂

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  11. Very interesting how things have changed! You mention great points of measuring success and I can relate to many of them. I have a great coach that assigns me runs that keep me motivated to keep running (even in this hot weather). I am running more and no injuries. 🙂

    Great post! Thank you for linking up with us!

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