TT: Why I am Thankful for Running

It’s that time of year. …

Here’s why:


I hardly even get sick. It’s very rare that I even get a cold. (knock on wood) If I ever feel rundown or tired, I just go for a run and that feeling disappears.

Running is my Energy/Vitamin source.

  • I feel YOUNGER.

This may sound corny but I sometimes forget that I am 69 years old when I am running.  I often run faster than runners half my age.  But often slower than runners older than me.

So I guess Running is my fountain of youth.

  • I have MET so many awesome PEOPLE since I started running.

I have met them by joining running groups, at races, through social networking and through other runners.

In other words, Running has become part of my Social Life.

  • Running has made me feel more CONFIDENT.

I am not athletic. I never played a sport growing up. In fact, I am very clumsy. Imagine my surprise when I won my first age group award.  I tell people that I am not fast but it depends who shows up at a race.  And my speed is not bad “for my age.”

Running has filled my empty Trophy Case.

  • Running has given me STRENGTH.

I have done things that I never thought possible.  Run 13.1 miles? Who me? And over 60 of them!!!

Run a marathon? No way, Jose! And ONE of the World Majors?!

I have been able to push through pain and not give up on things that seemed too hard.

Yes, to running through injuries, hills, running in the rain, heat and sub zero temps.

Running is my Kryptonite.

  • Running has taken me to new PLACES.

Yes, all my vacations involve races.  As a result, I have traveled to Philly, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Montreal, Bermuda, Paris, NH, ME, FL, NJ, RI, VT, and more!!

Running is actually my Travel Agent.

  • Running gets me OUTDOORS

I am sure that if I weren’t a runner, I would read more, watch TV more maybe even cook or clean more often.

But it’s running that drives me out of my house early on the weekend mornings and out of my office at the end of a long work day.

Running is my Vitamin D.

Happy Running! Why are you thankful for running? Please share.







Since today is Tuesday, I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner).

26 thoughts on “TT: Why I am Thankful for Running

  1. Wonderful reasons, Darlene!
    I would add that running gives me the opportunity to blog about running. That way, I made many new online friends. I also learn a lot from other blogs with I am also grateful for.

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    • Very true. Blogging is motivating because it makes you accountable but you meet people with the same interests and learn so much.

      Thanks for inspiring me with your running and blogging.

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  2. This is so inspiring to read! I’m just now discovering the running blog community. I’m not a runner (yet), I started running in late September and the first thing that happened was I got a knee injury. But I LOVED running. I was never able to do it in the past because it was just too hard! Now after 7 months of weightlifting I found my cardio condition was much better, and I thought I was fit enough but I wasn’t… I’ll continue working in the gym, and ramp it up, and plan to try running again in the spring. I started strength training in March and I’m thinking of starting a blog as an accountability tool because I keep rambling about fitness stuff on my photo blog. We’ll see!

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    • You are a runner if you ran at least once!! Try adding a lot of walking into your running… it’s perfectly acceptable. You will see that at a race, many women do walk. Hopefully, your knee will allow you to run more.

      And yes, my blog does keep me accountable!!! And you meet so many people.


      • Thank you, that’s inspiring! I’d love to call myself a runner. I did walk a lot, and I believe my knee injury really was caused by a very fast 5 mile walk, up and down hills, in bad shoes. The week after when I went running, my knee and calf gave out. I had tendonitis and I’m much better now so I’m out walking again, but this time in good running shoes! It’s good to hear that it’s ok to add walking into the running.

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  3. I love this so much: “Running has filled my empty Trophy Case.” Yes! I never would have won an award at any other sport. Running is truly a sport for everyone, and if you just work at it consistently, you will succeed.
    GREAT post!

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  4. I agree with some many of these! I was just thinking about how little fresh air I would get these days if it wasn’t for running. It gets me out the door even when the weather isn’t ideal!

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