FFF: Why I Hate Fall

I hate fall

Yes, I know that the colors of the leaves are pretty and it’s easier to run with cooler temps


1. I have to wear shoes.

IOW it’s really too cold for OOFOS and sandals.

Shoes hurt my toes.

Boots hurt my ankles.


2. Most flowers are dead.

Decorative echinacea seedheads

You may be wondering what I will be taking pics of when I run.

I am too.

3. My after work running routes are limited.

There are no lights in my neighborhood or on any of the bike paths.

In fact, the only place I can run after work is UAlbany.  That was not so bad when I worked in my office (since it was nearby.)  But not when I am still working from home.

4. No more homegrown fruits and veggies.

Organic Homegrown Fresh Summer Produce Heirloom Tomatoes Vegetable Harvest Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

Just the expensive tasteless ones in the supermarket.

5. Less likely to eat ice cream after my runs.

What will I eat post run, race or hike?

***What Fall really means:

Word winter is coming scraped by hand on the frozen rear glass of car, auto glass covered with snow, cold winter season concept, first snowfall is a difficult weather for drivers and transport Winter Stock Photo

Happy Running! How do feel about fall? Please share.







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23 thoughts on “FFF: Why I Hate Fall

  1. When I lived up north I would have agreed with this entire post, 100%. Now my perspective has shifted, and fall means we might get some cooler temperatures down here… eventually. Fall up north may have some redeeming qualities, but winter has NONE! That’s why i live in Florida. (Hmm, I notice I’m the second Florida commenter!)

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  2. I’ll chime in along with the other Southerners on here and say I love fall, especially early- to mid-fall because the humidity has dropped and the temperature is perfect. I specify early- and mid-fall because late fall means winter is coming, which I hate. Although it’s mild and short, I’m still not a fan, another reason why I live in the south now.

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  3. I agree! People always rave about how they love the fall weather etc. But it gets dark so much earlier. It is beginning to get cold. And it’s so much windier. When the leaves fall they are slippery when running! It won’t be long until it’s treadmill for me until springtime.

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  4. Fall is a little different here. Boots don’t feel great on my ankle, but it’s nice to have an option for something different.

    Very little dies here, so photos of landscapes are still fine.

    And we can and do eat ice cream year round. Yum.

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