Runfessions for June ’22

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1.  I runfess… 

I skipped two weekends of racing. And yes, it felt weird.  I had major FOMO when friends posted their pics on IG and FB. And I missed those AG award possibilities.

friends at the OK 5k

2.  I runfess…

One of the main reasons I skipped a race was to run with my friends.  I know many runners do run alone but it’s so easy to let those friend connections slip away when we get busy.

9 of us gathered for brunch… so fun!

3.  I runfess…

I do miss the routine of getting up early and heading to the gym. Not enough to join and pay $$.  Instead, I planned (at least in the summer) to get up and go for a run or walk.  I’ve been semi successful.

4.  I Runfess…

I’m only a fan of Peloton for running outdoors with music. So when they offered 3 months for the price of one, I did sign up.  I ignore the drills and references to the Thread and just listen to the music while I run.

4.  I Runfess…

I’ve been getting pressured by friends to go biking…

My bike is old and needs a tune-up (or maybe I need a new bike). My bike rack is a pain to put on my car and my neighborhood is boring.

Yada Yada.. so many excuses.

my lonely “Big Red”

Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month?  Please share!







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26 thoughts on “Runfessions for June ’22

  1. I’m impressed that you still care about AG awards. I am so apathetic about that these days. Can’t make myself care. Haha! I am with you on dragging my feet on getting a bike tune up! Ugh!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope I don’t procrastinate the whole summer about my bike.

      If I don’t win an award, it doesn’t bother me. I like the fact that in running you are only compared to others your own age.


  2. My dear Gustavas probably could use a once-over at the bike shop…some of the gear shifting isn’t very smooth, LOL. I got Krystal’s brand new tire back, and the hubby got it back on the bike, so she’s ready for action again. I never thought I’d love biking as much as I do, but it’s been a great fitness fix when I just don’t feel like running. You know I’m all about the early mornings, whether I’m running or not 😉

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  3. Oh yes, I feel like there are so many obstacles to cycling! To be honest, even when I do get the bike tuned up, and get the rack on the car, and get to someplace good to ride… I still don’t love it. I wish I did because I know it’s great cross training. Oh well.
    I do the Peloton strength and yoga classes all the time, but I’ve never done a running class. I always have my own things I want to listen to, and if I listen to music I like to choose my own. I guess someday I should try out a running class and see what it’s like though.
    Yes, it must have felt weird for you not to race! I can’t remember your schedule- is this weekend your 15K? I’m thinking it is- good luck with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The heat and humidity have returned for my 15k. Boo.

      I feel the same about biking… I just don’t love it. Maybe if my hubby did or I was good enough to bike with others?

      I enjoy the playlists for the runs. Indoors I feel there are so many free yoga or workout videos outside of Peloton.


    • Yup on the bike. My hubby says to buy a new bike… I’m afraid to spend the money because I don’t think I love biking enough.


  4. Running with friends is my favorite part of running and the best way to catchup w a friend. The run classes are the only ones I do not do on Peloton. Welcome back though and hope you find some more classes you enjoy

    Liked by 1 person

    • I need to make time to use Peleton for other things… I just don’t find the time. When I have a free moment, I feel the need to run!


  5. Ever since I crashed my bike, I’ve been much less enthusiastic about riding unless I’m on the bike paths. I do have to ride on the road to get there, but I try to limit that. Nothing has scared me more than falling in front of a car.

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  6. I’ve skipped 5Ks and 5 milers to run with friends. Like you, I sign up for a lot so I pass if a birthday run or a friend from out of town is running with my friends. It’s definitely easier to run/walk every day when the weather is nice!

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  7. you missed two races and lived to tell that tale! though I get the FOMO, I really do. On the one hand I have no desire to race anything right now, I still feel the FOMO when my friends are racing. Maybe that never really goes away? I miss running with friends. The only running “with” that I do these days is if I get to do a parkrun.

    I’m not sure I could ever get into Peloton. If it was just for music, I can easily just turn on a spotify playlist. I know people love it and I guess maybe if it were free I would tune in occasionally haha!

    You know me, I love to bike and don’t find it a hassle at all, but we have the infrastructure here for biking and you guys don’t really have that everywhere. So, you know, don’t feel like you should. you do plenty, you are active and you do what makes you happy. That’s most important.

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  8. I do the same with the Peloton runs. I do enjoy listening to Matty because he always has something interesting to say. I remember I didn’t not like my first class with him because he talked so much. He does but now it doesn’t bother me too much.

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  9. Time with friends > racing. Or today a little of both where the “race” turned into a walk/run and talk. I get why you don’t want to pay for Peloton, but I don’t get why you’d rather trawl through YouTube for the free classes when they’re right in front of you. That makes it way easier to actually get them done.
    I have been riding this week – so weird

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t do either. I don’t work out. Lol.

      And lately I have company for runs. But when I don’t I enjoy the Peleton for music playlists.

      I agree. Racing that is both is fun.


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