TT: Six Favorites of 2021

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I picked SIX categories but I couldn’t limit myself to one answer for each. lol

1.Favorite Run:

Firecracker 4

I unexpectedly loved this July 4th run. It was the first time I had run this course and believe it not, it was my only PR of the year. And the popsicle at mile 4 was awesome.

Electric City 5 miler

A brand new race.  So I had no idea what the course would be like.  But you can’t beat running on a bike path along the river.  Definitely need to run this one again.

2. Favorite Race:

 Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon

Probably because I ran the race with my running friends, I enjoyed this race the most. It was my fastest half marathon of the year, as well. Who doesn’t love a race with ocean views?

Run for the Roses 5k

It was hilly so I may not have loved the course.  But I got to meet up with runners that I had not seen since we ran the 2014 Love Run in Philly together. We had a blast and the race wag was a library book and a rose.  I also won an age group award.

3. Favorite Hike:

 Plotterkill Falls

Most of my hikes, I did alone but this one I did with two friends. I love waterfalls. I think they are even prettier frozen but this hike was the most challenging I’ve even done. I still cringe when I think about the trail conditions that day.

Kaaterskill Falls

Another waterfall in warmer weather (if you look closely you can see some folk swimming under the falls). I also did this one with a friend which made it more fun.

4. Favorite Meal:

Post Race Hard Cider and Fries

This snack was after a half marathon. The hard cider was free and the fries were not but delicious.

Post Run French Toast Brunch

One of my favorite brunches when we run on the rail trail.  If I run at 10 miles, this strawberry-stuff item is my reward.

5.Favorite Event/Activity:

Lighthouse Boat Tour (near Fort Lauderdale, FL)

A spur of the moment decision the day before my half marathon. I was lucky to get a ticket for the last boat that day.

College Reunion at the Van Gogh Exhibit in NYC

Though I had seen this exhibit in Montreal (pre-pandemic), it was fun to do it again with friends (whom I had studied in France with).

6. Favorite Book:

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

Based on a true story and better than JoJo Moyles’ Giver of Stars IMO.

The Plot

A page-turner with a surprising twist at the end.

Happy Running! What are some of your favorites of 2021? Please share.







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31 thoughts on “TT: Six Favorites of 2021

  1. I love waterfalls, too! The splashing sound, the cool breeze, the refreshing shower…. what’s not to love?
    I haven’t seen a frozen waterfall in ages – that must be a nice experience.

    And I like your hard cider and fries. Exactly the sort of stuff I would eat after a race. I prefer salty food after a race, unfortunately, mostly sweet stuff is served.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Too bad you missed out running Firecracker 4 all the years the group ran it.

    Beautiful photo of Katerskill!

    I’ve heard Plotterkill described as easy by some folks, but most say it’s pretty challenging — and that’s without snow & ice.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am usually busy on July 4th. But I already signed up for this year.

      Plotterkill has an easy trail but not down to the falls. It was scary and I had spikes and poles.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It must have been hard for you to narrow it down to pick just a couple favorites in each category- you did so much last year! I have a couple really great runs that stand out in an otherwise “meh” year. But 2022 is already going better!

    Liked by 1 person

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