FFF: First Runfessions of 2022

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

And the first one for this year!!

1.  I runfess… 

Even when the temps dipped below zero, I never regretted not having a treadmill. For some reason, being outdoors just made me feel healthier (with improved immunity). Mind over matter? (Luckily I was always able to find a dry/safe route to run.)

2. I runfess… 

After all these years of winter running, I may have figured how to stay warm yet be comfortable.  I used to wear a jacket (and I have several). But now I just don two shirts and a vest.  If it is really cold (under 20), I’ll add my DIY arm sleeves and a buff (in addition to tights, beanie and gloves/mittens).

easier to move your arms without a jacket… who knew?

3. I runfess…

I need to match my running outfit items even when it is cold.  So I graciously accepted a free beanie because it was pink.

Thanks Deborah!

4.  I runfess…

I am a loyal Skirt Sports ambassador but I bought my first Athleta item – tights. (Don’t report me!)

so comfy that yup, I bought another pair (both on sale!)

5.  I runfess…

During my race weekend in NYC, I spent more time worrying about/planning COVID-safe activities than the race itself.

outdoor eating when the temps are in the 20s…. at least there was a heater

I can’t wait to get back to normal relaxing NYC activities.

Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? 

Have you been braving the cold and running outdoors?  Do you tend to over or underdess? What is your favorite brand of tights?  Any race-cations planned? Please share.







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32 thoughts on “FFF: First Runfessions of 2022

  1. 100% agree with you on the winter running gear–you rarely see me in a jacket and that’s only if it’s below zero! I’m a fan of InknBurn’s pullovers and I layer those over a thermal baselayer shirt. I can move so much better that way. I also agree with you that I do feel healthier getting outside. Going to walk this morning, in fact.

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  2. Because we walk outside pretty much daily, I don’t feel guilty if I hit up the treadmill. The roads around here are not safe when there is ice and snow. Of course I could drive somewhere but by the time I do that my mill run could be done. I work for Skirt Sports and I runfess I have SO MUCH ATHLETA.

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  3. Being a Florida runner I’m probably not qualified to weigh in on this, but they do say exposure to cold increases immunity! Maybe that’s what’s keeping you Covid-free. I will say that outdoor lunch looks pretty chilly… it would be nice to eat inside again.

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  4. I haven’t tried a running vest for the winter, but I may need to consider it, especially since I tend to run hot! I love how your outfits always match!

    I’m glad you got to enjoy yourself in NYC – hi, Cari! It’s still so weird trying to be social and safe during these crazy times.

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  5. I’m cold, have a treadmill and STILL haven’t gotten on it :D. Ron LOVES it. What a weirdo (well, he is my sweet Weirdo)!! I think if I have to I will use it and to be honest i may have to at some stage with my training simply because I normally run alone and don’t have any known safe running paths yet in the dark (who knew this would be such a challenge when I moved a few kilometers away!)

    I runfess that I like to have something PINK on when I run. even if a buff or socks or whatever. And I’m with you on a jacket – only I have a really thin Asics jacket that I do wear occasionally (and it’s pink).

    I wonder if no matter where we travel for a while it will still be a thing to find safe covid spots and things to do?

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  6. I am reading this in those exact tights (same color, although I was really sad they sold out of the green color). I’ve been buying those for years — but I don’t run in them, LOL! I could tell you how different they were when they first came out . . .

    I actually most of the time get my layering right. For me. But occasionally not.

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  7. I wish I was able to run in the cold comfortably but between Reynaud’s with my hands and the cold air irritating my lungs, it’s hard for me to get out for a run unless it’s above freezing. I’ve learned that below that, I just can’t run without suffering and it’s just not worth it.

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    • I would not say it’s comfortable but I have no choice. It helps that for long runs I don’t run alone and we can all complain together.

      Hope that most of the time your temps are warmer than ours so you can get outdoors.


  8. Here we are lucky because the weather allows us to run outdoor even if, sometimes, in late morning when the temperature is warmer.
    I have good outfits for winter running that I bought in Wales and England few years ago.
    Covid here is always a big problem.

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  9. I was going to ask how you liked the Athleta tights when I read that you bought a 2nd pair. Which ones did you get? I’ve heard Rainier is good for Winter running. I am the opposite. I want a treadmill for Winter running. Between the cold weather and the snow, I hate snow more.


    • I bought Rainier. But one pair is lighter than the other. I can wear them indoors and out.

      Not of a fan of cold weather but I have no choice to get out and run. We haven’t had much snow. Of course we may this Friday.


  10. I need to find that shirt. So comfortable. I remember it had a cute spandex stretch fit.
    Ooh we have different Rainier purples. We can still twin ish. I went with the solids. And wow, my hat actually matches them.
    I’d say we’d be thinking about normal events for February – ice festival isn’t too much of a covid one

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