TT: 2021 in Bling

This week’s topic is: Show us your year in bling!

Believe it or not, I did run 21 22 in-person races this year.

Not as many as pre-pandemic years so my bling stash is lower but still, I am very proud of each medal that I received/earned.

Half Marathons:

  1. Publix Half Marathon in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  2. Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon
  3. Run 4 the River Half Marathon
  4. Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon in NH
  5. Upstate Classic Half Marathon

Other distances: (5.7m, 10m, 5k, 10k)

  1. Prospect Mountain Road Race
  2. Miles Along the Mohawk
  3. Freihofer Run for Women
  4. Troy Turkey Trot

Virtual Races/Challenges:

  1. Hot Chocolate 15K
  2. Feel the Bern 5k
  3. NYCRuns Challenge
  4. Numerous free Strava and NYRR Virtual races

Age Group Awards:

  1. Bacon Hill Bonanza – 1st
  2. Rabbit Ramble – 1st
  3. Run for the Roses – 2nd
  4. Whipple City – 1st
  5. Malta 5k – 3rd
  6. Summer Smith Memorial – 1st
  7. Upstate Classic – 2nd
  8. Troy Turkey Trot – 3rd

Happy Running! What is your favorite bling from 2021? Please share.







Since today is Tuesday, I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner).

with co-hosts Coach Debbie RunsConfessions of a Mother RunnerMile by MileRuns with Pugs, and Laura Norris Running.

38 thoughts on “TT: 2021 in Bling

  1. 22 in-person races! That’s amazing!
    I didn’t count mine, but I know I’m guessing I have around 10 – 15 races.
    Like you, I love racing – it’s fun and it’s great training. In fact, I have a 10k race this evening at 6pm. It’s probably going to be my last race of 2021.

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  2. You and Kim definitely win for the most bling! My favorite bling in a year of limited bling was my patch from the Mammoth Hiking Challenge. It symbolizes a return to movement after my injury as well as conquering a very difficult challenge!

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  3. You definitely keep yourself busy, and not just on your daily activities. I wish I had more options for races in my “out in the boonies” area, but the races we do have available are nice. My races were down this year, as well, so I was surprised when I tallied up the count for my Bling post…more races than what it seemed, LOL.

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  4. I was thoroughly impressed with how many actual races you were able to run this year! Nicely done. I managed to squeak in a few few the last few months of the year. On to the next year

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  5. Nice bling! Congrats on all your races. I ran 2 in-person races but only got 1 medal. Hoping to do a few more next year. Its gonna be tough though because my husband started signing up for races, so now I need to find another person to watch Grayson if we are both running the same race!

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    • There are benefits to having a husband who is a runner but I guess there is a downside too. Hope you two can compromise or get a babysitter lol


  6. Wow! 22 races, and that’s “low” for you? How many do you run in non-pandemic times? What’s the most you’ve ever run in a year?
    Great job keeping yourself healthy and able to do all those races. Maybe I should start doing what you’re doing- no strength training (I would love that part!) lots of hiking and lots of races. It’s definitely working for you!

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    • 40 is the most I think but usually run about 30. Before I had a running group to do long runs with, I would sign up for races and run one most weekends.
      No, strength training is important. I’m lazy!!.


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