FFF: Big Hairy Goal (part 2)

Last week, I posted about Why you should set a Big Hairy Goal.

Today I am going to offer some tips to help achieve that goal:

1. Create a Schedule

Don’t leave running to chance, Post your schedule where it is easily accessible (paper calendar, online calendar, etc.) And stick to it.

2. Eliminate Barriers

Lay your clothes out the night before you’re due for a morning run. Bring your clothes to the office if you are running after work.


3. Enlist an Accountability Partner

Find a running partner or a coach or someone to check in with regarding your runs and progress toward your goal.

4. Eliminate Distractions

If checking social media before a run decreases the likelihood that you go on said run, save that for a post-run. Same with walking a dog. Do it at another time or have someone else in your household do it so you can run.

5. Plan a Reward

What ever it takes to give you that added motivation.  Food, New clothes, a Trip, etc.

Happy Running! Are you a “BIG” goal setter? Any other tips to add? Please share.







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16 thoughts on “FFF: Big Hairy Goal (part 2)

  1. While I believe we’re all motivated by different things, accountability is a BIG one for many of us. I find if I verbalize a goal, blog about it, proclaim it on social media…it’s there and I HAVE to face it head-on. Of course, then you have to publicly admit failure if your plans don’t materialize, but we’re all human and things happen. I appreciate seeing the true side of people and not just the glitzy “perfect” persona on social media.

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  2. Yep, great post. You can’t just set a big goal and leave the rest up to chance. It takes a lot of planning and commitment! Blogging is a great accountability tool! Imagine how boring your weekly rundown would be if you had to admit that you slept in and skipped your workouts half the time. Still waiting to hear what your next big hairy goal is!

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